Gridiron (American Football Interest Check)

After lurking on the forums and just playing games made by other authors I felt it was finally time to create my own game.

Ever since you could remember your only dream was to become a football player, now how much are you ready to sacrifice for your dreams. Are you willing to throw away your friends, your childhood, and even possibly using “PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS”. Will you succeed in accomplishing your dreams or will you be like the thousands of other kids who couldn’t make it.

I want to see how much interest there is in this type of game before I release the demo and if I get enough I will release a short demo relatively soon.


As much as I’m not a fan of American Football (Prefer soccer), I’d be interesting in playing this as I’ve not come across any CoG games nor WiPs related to sports. (Well, excluding SLAMMED!).
Good luck!


I have the opinion that there should be more sports stories like SLAMMED! and Fielder’s Choice so I’ll be glad to keep my eye on this. I wish you the best of luck with this!


Never played Fielder’s choice. SLAMMED! was pretty good though. Original and also took a few replays out of me.

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It’s not out yet but it is under beta testing through CoG right now.


Will check it out later. I don’t, unfortunately, check out many new threads really.

I was literally just thinking about this the other day. I would be super into it, especially if you make the archvillain a thinly-veiled Bill Belichick :sunglasses:

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I’d certainly like this. There have been good CoG sports games, and this would be a good introduction for people who (like me) aren’t real familiar with football.

Yeah I’m gonna make sure to put all the rules of football in creatively along with some of the moves you can do,

What choices will be have, will we determine the position we play … ie QB, RB OL WR TE DT DE LB CB or S? How important will things like your 40 time and Bench reps be? Will we get to see Roid Rage overtake someone before we choose to enhance or not? As a former college walk on and high school football player, this truly interests me. Also will you address the current big issue in football of concussions??? Lots of questions and high expectations. Best of luck as American Football is one of the most complicated and intricate games I played. High school football, basketball and track athlete, along with being a little league baseball coach at the same time because I simply wasn’t good enough to make the high school baseball team.


Yes please! I play american football myself so i have been wanting a game like this for years! You would be making a persons dream come true if you made this game lol

Just try to make it unique, and i love that youre making hard decisions such as sacrificing time with friends and loved ones in order to better yourself because that is a real struggle of athletes

Also will this story take place in high school, college or what?

Go for it! My current work on my basketball game is a really a fun process. Take your time and think about what to you want to achieve. I look forward to reading it!


Right now I’m planning on starting from pop Warner through middle school and into high school where you will choose what college you go to and maybe continue through college and end it when you get drafted

  1. I want to let you choose to play all positions and try to make at least a few unique scenes for each of them
  2. bench press, 40 time will be parts of the game like a coach having all the team Max out or run the 40, shuttle run and broad jump to see where people are
  3. You will hear about roid rages and everything else but won’t really know about until it might happen to you
  4. Concussions will be addressed early on in pop Warner or middle school football

Cool, sounds like it could be very interesting. I will follow this WIP. Good luck and I look forward to seeing the final product.

This could be interesting as long as it’s noy just about football

I like that idea, and like @Harley_Robin_Evans said i think it shouldnt be only about football, though i think youre way ahead of us on that

Interesting idea, I’ve always wanted to see how football would be written as an IF game. I’d go for linebacker as soon as I could.