Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand theft auto 5 is one of my favorite. I don’t even play GTA 5 but I always have a desire to play it someday. Anybody there who played?

This post doesn’t make sense. I’m dubious you’re not trying to spam in some way also.

what is your mean by spam? @LordOfLA and sorry for my stupid language. Because English is not my very first language.

Unwanted advertising. Your reply just now though leads me to believe otherwise. Still I don’t think you’re in the right place to discuss mainstream games, but it certainly isn’t forbidden so knock yourself out.

Some background on my suspicion:

I have over the years either been a moderator for or administrator of a number of web discussion forums. In a lot of cases these boards had a minimum number of posts required before web links could be posted.

Accounts that wanted to post spam links advertising irrelevant websites would post random questions and comments unrelated to the board/thread a few times and then lay on the unwanted advertising. These random posts were frequently made in broken English.

As such whenever I encounter these kinds of posts from people that very obviously didn’t consider the general topic and focus of the discussion boards they are posting on, my immediate observation is “keep an eye on this one, probably spam”. Perhaps a bad habit but not unfounded.


waow you are really doing well. I apologies for my language which make you feel that I am a spammer here :smiley: but i never heard much about spammer. Also say thanks to give some short summary of spammers

You never need to apologise for language ability by the way.

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This forum is dedicated to Choice of Games and more broadly to interactive fiction. There’s an upper limit of ‘off topic’. If you want to talk about games that aren’t IF in a way that isn’t at least tangentially related, you’re better off looking for another forum.