Goto label aren't separating paragraphs

Hey there, so I’m currently writing/creating my first story but I’ve run into a weird problem. Which isn’t major but makes my OCD go haywire. When I went and tested the game it seems that one part of the *goto label isn’t working when I went and branched a story but brought it back together in another label.
I am pretty sure I did it right when doing the goto label and label itself, but for some reason during the test the label story/storytwo would show up on the same page as label Aelia. Any help to cure this OCD problem of mine would be greatly appreciated!

*label story

Your life wasn’t easy growing up. You were the son of {father}. Your father did his best for you, however it wasn't enough. You had to pick up a trade, thus you decided to become {trade}. However while working as ${trade}. You realized this wasn’t the life for you. You wanted excitement in your life, you wanted wealth and power, you wanted to make a name for yourself, for all to hear of your glory. You wanted to be a Legionnaire.
*goto Aelia

*label storytwo

Your life wasn’t easy growing up. You were the son of {father}. You had to fend for yourself, as your father wasn't really there for you. Living as {criminal} wasn’t easy. You got into lots of trouble with the law. One day you decided you have had enough. You wanted to live a new life. A life where you didn’t have to fight for your next meal, where you didn’t have to run from Law Enforcers, or kneel on the ground for scumbags. You wanted to be a Legionnaire.
*goto Aelia

*label Aelia

Estoria Era, Year 375

Aelia, a beautiful city located to the north-east from the nation’s capital. Being the closest city from the village. You decided to head there in hopes of joining the local Legion Battalion. After arriving to this beautiful city, you couldn’t help but be in awe. You’ve never seen anything like it. Homes being as high as ten men stacked onto each other, majestic fountains in every plaza, and people dressed in elegant clothing.

As you make your way through the streets of Aelia. After walking for hours looking at the beauty that Aelia has to offer. You suddenly realized. “Wait! Where do I go to actually sign up!”.


Labels don’t automatically separate stories into pages. If you want the text from the second label to be on another page you can use

*label Aelia
Rest of text


Thanks you! You helped cured this problem, thats been bugging me for an hour! :grin:

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FYI, instead of using

tag, try using </> button that you can find on the comment’s toolbar. This allows indentation on any texts between the grave accent (`) mark on your comment. Or press Ctrl+Shift+C (steroid-copy) for the keyboard shortcut.

The Indentation

Thats good to know. Thanks for the tip! :smiley:

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