Bad label Error

I’m having trouble with. a error that keeps appearing in my game.

The error I’m getting is ignore line 445: bad label chapter iv

My code looks like this:

The line that is mentioned is not even the one for the referenced error.

Do you have any *label command nearby?

No I do not have any nearby label command

What about the code looks like above the one you posted? Mind posting them here?

Where? There is no code above that just a story and a choice that is it.

A label should be a single word… try adding a _ to the label: Chapter_IV

All of my chapter titles are like that and this is the only one that has a problem



Right, those aren’t labels or scenes, they’re just page_break wording changes.

On line 445 of your code, you likely have *goto chapter iv or *label chapter iv

a *label needs to be one word (you can use an underscore if you like)

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No I have neither. Line 445 is three lines below the page break


Any idea what this means?

What is line 445? Can you post the few lines of code around line 445?

Just above the code you posted you have

*goto Chapter IV

That is the line that causes the error. As there is no label Chapter IV.

What you need to do is change it to *goto chapter_iv then above the code you posted add *label chapter_iv

That should fix the error.


I am having trouble getting a variable to work. Basically the player decides who is their second and third in command and what their codenames are. I am having trouble getting the chosen names to appear in the game all I keep getting is “no variable error.” I have already created the command and added it into start up but it still does not work.



You put commader instead of commander

okay thanks

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