Bad Label help please

Whenever I run my code, it shows me the bad label error. I’m new at this and so I’m fairly sure it’s an obvious mistake, so please can someone help me out.

My code looks like this:


Let's begin. What's your gender?

   *set gender "Male"
   *goto naming_male
   *set gender "Female"
   *goto naming_female
   *set gender "Non-binary"
   *goto naming_nonbinary

#label naming_male
And your first name?

   *set firstname "Nathan"
   *set firstname "Larson"
   *set firstname "Clint"
  #Let me pick!
   *label input_firstname_male
   Please create a name:
   *input_text firstname

Thanks again to anyone who can help me!

I am not near my own code, but I think it should be *label for the label itself, not #.


Yep. * to execute commands.
Also, the label under “Let me pick my name” is unnecessary.

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Ok. Thank you so much, this worked for me

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