Help on this problem!

Hello guys, I for the love of me CANNOT see at all what’s wrong here? Everything feels right yet I still cannot see the choice! It never shows me the second option No.


*label Naming

Your name is... 
*input_text name

Right. Your name is $!{name}.

        *set fullname name
       *goto Begin

    #No. That's not my name.
      *goto Naming

Is your code indented correctly? Whenever you do a *choice you have to make sure everything is nested correctly under each other.

        *set full_name ${name}
        *goto begin
     #That's Not My name
          *goto naming

Notice that there’s only one *choice Command, and two #, corresponding to the number of choices that you want.

PS: Please don’t copy and paste this code, as the tabbing is likely to be off and could probably mess your code up. Just remember that for each time you do a choice you tab 1, and then under the choice you tab once again. I’m bad at explaining things :disappointed_relieved:

Get rid of the second *choice.

Thanks you two!! I thought I had to use another *choice there, turns out I didn’t.