Good game


whats a good game to play online no download


Any of these games.


games like runescape


Be specific bro.
You want a web-browser game?
Do you want a simple flash game?
Or do you want something deep and complex that has a huge online community?


CLUB PENGUIN!!! :smiley:


deep complex


Lol nack WTF… hahaha you narrowed it to almost no games… I got it!!! Ps3 home game… :wink:


No no, there are actually a great number of games with a huge community.’
Now do you want the knights-in-armor type of MMORPG’s,Nexon-type RPG’s, or tactical RPG’s? [Ever played Tribal Wars?] Tactical= war RPG’s.


played tribal wars didnt do half bad actually so knights ,swords , horses all that. like one u could walk around or make decisions u no B-)


in that case… the perfect game for you is NEOPETS, THE ONE AND ONLY GAME WHERE YOU CAN HAVE NEOPETS AS PETS!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
in all seriousness, its a bit hard to recommend games to you, since you don’t want games you have to download.


Just pay for a good game, like a man. Get medieval 2 total war. The way you’ve asked for what you want, perfectly describes the game.

Or, if you want easier learning curve, get age of empires 2. Or command and Conquer Red Alert 2. Or Civ 4, MAYBE. The first 3 I’d reccomend.


Free? Difficult to remember good medieval games that are free :confused: I have a wonderful Flash series to recommend, if you’d like to try it, though you weren’t looking for it.
Mardek RPG.
Um T_T Damn. I can give you a damn list of paid games, and not expensive or 60$ either.
Check out Mount&Blade:Warband. It’s around 20$ and it doesn’t have the best graphics ever, but the entire gameplay is incredibly addictive.
I’ll look around for free, but most are just cheap knockoffs off of RuneScape. Can’t recommend :l


Ok thanks ill take a look at all these except neopets B-)


Maybe check out (Knights of Noblemen) Yup, swords, jousts and all that O_o
and for more complex but with robots O_o ^.^


if you don’t mind zombie apocalypse games you could do worse than dead frontier??


While if you are looking for games like the one on this site and a great community. I would go to this site.

It is really fun and if you do join and need some help. You can contact me on the site through a PM system just look for my username cool74.

EDIT: Oh you mean online MMO’s. Savage is a free online where all you do is fight each other.


I checked most of these out. Pretty good but cant sign up for all of them


Eh, I normally scrounge around for Dos games (emulated through DosBox) and abandonware. Tons of sites for them, and a huge number of free games that were actually of commercial quality.

Also, for a complex game at least, Dwarf Fortress. (Personally I like Liberal Crime Squad too.)

Wow, I just realized how much my tastes have changed. Four years back I wouldn’t have been able to play half the games I do, just because of thier graphics.


They sound good. Stuff change over time you know.


Haha nack bro you funny man… “I look at all those except neopets” ahahahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:
Are you willing to buy games for a low price(10$-20$) too? Or your talking bout free only…
I recommend you check out Adventure Quest… I use to play it when i was in 5th grade… It’s free… its like 19.95$ a month if you wanna be a member or something of that nature… :slight_smile: enjoi