Gods and Villains — A Superhero Dystopian IF

Hello everybody, you can call me Nico and I go by he/him! :cherries:

Gods and Villains is a superhero/horror story set in a dystopian future where Earth is filled to the brim with crime and corruption—a.k.a MCU meets The Boys.

Warning! injury to major characters, gore, body horror, trauma and PTSD, death, and sexual content.
More specific content warnings will be provided at the start of each chapter.


You take control of a powerful metahuman, an otherwise ordinary human on the outside but who has the meta-gene, a potent mutation deep engraved in their DNA, which gives them superhuman abilities. This next step in human evolution comes with a setback, however, for the curse of madness seems to follow their every step.

With a dark and traumatic past filled with untold horrors and inhuman experiments, you are rescued from the clutches of crazy terrorists by a team of heroes that might lend you all the tools you need for redemption or complete self-annihilation.

As the only metahuman with the ability to wield the powerful Chaos Magic, your very blood holds the answers to unlocking the secrets behind the control of time and space, but it has the drawback of being almost completely volatile.

Who can you trust to keep you safe other than yourself? Trust no one, and maybe you can get out of this literal hell alive.

  • Play as male, female, or non-gender specific, along with transgender choices;
  • Romance one of seven characters, and if your heart is big enough fall in love with two of them. There’s three possible poly routes available: Archon and Stardom, Archon and Mars, Paladin and Wildcat;
  • Customize your appearance, personality and powers;
  • Struggle against the shackles of madness trying to take hold of your psyche;
  • Battle a multitude of villains or become one yourself;
  • Uncover the secrets behind the meta-gene and your abilities;
  • Help the public fall in love with superheroes or forever destroy that chance;
Love Interests

As I said above, there’s currently seven love interests and three possible poly routes (Archon and Stardom, Archon and Mars, Paladin and Wildcat).

The villain, or anti-hero, whatever you want to call them, Mars is an enigmatic figure; the very concept of life seems to hold no value to them. A trail of bodies follows wherever they go, and on the news, they are regarded as the biggest menace of the century. They will have the unique ability to sway your loyalty. Beware, their sweet words and promises may drip with honey, but they also drip with the blood of their victims.​

Trope: Forbidden love, emotional scars, blood-play

Zev/Zena Hammer

The oldest of the bunch and not a metahuman per se. Hammer acts as the spokesperson for the team, mitigating the often tenuous relationship between humans and the so-called “mutants”. As a retired police detective they’ve learned firsthand how rotten the world can be for the innocent, and they’ve vowed to protect them at any cost. Their analytical and communication skills will go hand in hand when dealing with various crimes, just as their implants.

Trope: Widow/widower, age gap, don’t-call-me-daddy/mommy

Adam/Ava Armstrong

The current leader of the Alliance Team. Headstrong and dauntless, they are regarded as the strongest metahuman in modern times and the most enigmatic of them all, whose past is shrouded in mystery and unknown even to their closest friends. On the outside, they might seem apathetic and unconcerned with human suffering, but their true feelings are hidden beneath layers of deep trauma. Superhuman strength and invulnerability are their greatest assets when fighting villains.

Trope: Nobody thinks it will work, love/hate, fucking-your-boss

Edward/Evelyn Osborne

The former leader of the Alliance Team and Archon’s best friend. On the surface, they are the stereotypical showboat: cocky, greedy, and egoistical. Stardom does whatever they can to gain attention, fame, and riches. For them, the best feeling in the world is an adoring fan and a beautiful person fawning over their heroics. The meta-gene gives them a genius-level intellect, which in turn is used to develop several pieces of equipment that are employed by themselves and the team during fights.​

Trope: Billionaire, belated love epiphany, good-people-have-good-sex


If Archon’s past is shrouded in mystery, Paladin’s is drowned in it. For all you know, their name is not even Johnny/Johnnie but an alias of their choosing. They are known to be the silent loner type and are somewhat socially withdrawn from other members of the team, only speaking when called upon to do so. Behind their silver mask, they harbor more than a few inner demons, and together with their superhuman weapon and combat proficiency, they fight for the innocent.​

Trope: Secret identity, oblivious to love, weapon-play

Pedro/Pilar Flores

The youngest of the team, considered by many a lighthearted jokester without any real talent beyond their obvious powers—which set them apart from every human that walks the earth. With their metahuman status so evident for everyone to see, hiding just didn’t seem like an option, so they chose the next best alternative. Known to be playful, energetic, and often immature, they are responsible for balancing the team’s more serious side, and when someone can take the form of any living being on Earth, the repertoire of pranks is endless.​

Trope: Beauty and the Beast, broken in some way, begging

Doctor Malik/Malika Aziz

The renowned Doctor Aziz, a famed archaeologist and considered to be the most powerful sorcerer, or magic user, in the world. They wear several enchanted artifacts that, in turn, accentuate their already tremendous knowledge of the mystical forces. With an extremely strong moral compass and kind demeanor, they will show themselves to be the best teacher you could ask for, but why do they seem to be everywhere you look?

Trope: Time travel, twin siblings or clones (?), teacher-student

Update Log

08/23 - Demo posted.


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First of yes this peak my interest greatly and second can’t see the next update


been waiting on this since I saw it on tumblr


Bookmarked & can’t wait for the next update


I don’t think since they did the Freaks WIP, I haven’t seen a story with a similar approach where the MC comes out of a lab empowered while trying to solve his problems and adjust to his new free life. I’m liking this WIP.


WOW :hushed: I’m very intrigued now. Each character’s variation of emotions and reactions is very cool and immersive. I wonder if there’s a further physical description for the ROs? For example, their heights information?


I read “body horror”, and I leave a like. Strong list of ROs. Romancing your teacher (I really want to know how their “extremely strong moral compass” features into this), your boss, or an older WILF? And those listed kinks? Has me going all :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Curious about how the cliffhanger will play out with the different characters. I think my fave option was the last one.


Battle a multitude of villains or become one yourself;


We always need more gritty and dark super games! This already sounds amazing!


This is what I was looking for and they finally did! The Boys style is sensational and its demo reminded me of feelings of the series. I expect frequent updates! Good luck, great book.


It is interesting and has potential. I would have liked to see more of the demo. However, I would like to learn more about Chaos Magic (is PC something like Raven but in a nobledark-to-grimdark world)? Also, why can we specifically choose that PC is hemophobic (is it something like the scars of Fallen Hero)? Why can we choose that instead of having it baked into the character? Also, is the last choice between the ROs?






Not much, but certainly enjoyed the introduction so far. Looking forward to what you have offer and where the story goes. Definitely happy to have another powered MC story. Keep the good work up.
Dear Author:

MC after waking up
Me when meeting my first Romance:

Grammar issues, more to come...

Pronouns are wrong


I’ve been following the tumblr and am hyped to read your story


Lets gooooo. I been waiting for this demo to drop sonce i saw this in tumbler a while ago

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Can’t wait for more! The concept feels really good and again can’t wait for more!!!

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@Frankex_2272 I think I read that a few years ago, it was so good!! :heart_eyes:

@Mei_Hiroshi Hii, you can find the ROs heights on my tumblr. It was one of the first questions I received on there, but I’ll put it here too!!


@Snowflower Thank you! Glad you liked it!! You can read more on chaos magic and magic in general in the glossary section, but more will be explained about it by Zodiac in the next update! There are two reasons as to why I gave the option for the MC to be hemophobic: the first one I can’t disclose without ruining the fun, and the second is that it adds a layer of angst from the things the MC had to go through during their time in the care of the terrorists.

The last choice is not a RO choice, that will happen much further into the book. :kissing_heart:

@Lyle_Schiefer Thank you much, happy you liked it!! And thanks for pointing that mistake, it’s fixed! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Looks promising, but I would advise caution regarding the “trope” section of the ROs description, there is nothing wrong with it per say, but its existence kinda makes it fell like they are less of a caracter and more of a checklist of, well, tropes.

(I love these tropes by the way)