Glory to Froysia (WIP 8/07/2021) Cold War era ambiented Fantasy Game

Believe me.

You can be even a worst Tyrant :wink:



can you give us a glimpse of what kind of king Tyrant was?

Tell me about the language and culture of the world of this game. What is the currency and economic scale of froysia? What is the froysia transportation network? Do you have an airport or port?

Interesting concept, potentially becoming a tyrant. The demo is brief, but it seems as if you have some worldbuilding already in mind, which is good. How the stat screen has been designed is interesting–I like the text versions of the personal stats. That’s neat.

The transition from descriptions to choices is abrupt in a couple of places, though, so that could use some smoothing out. Also, depending on the MC’s background, there are different eye color choices. Is that intentional? As a petty complaint, there is no hazel option, but I’ll live without it, lol.

And if you’re worried about grammar issues, there are resources (in English) that can be helpful, like Hemingway Editor or Grammarly, which have free versions. (I’ve used the free versions of both for fanfic and other writing projects, but I can’t speak to the quality of their paid versions and make no endorsements of them.)

As a final note, combining the Cold War–or a setting inspired by it–with magic is unique. I look forward to seeing how that plays out, and good luck with your WIP.

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He was a pretty…“normal” king until his daughter and wife died under suspicious circumstances. From there he started to become a more authoritarian but at the same time incompetent figure. He started to surround himself with corrupt ministers, stealing from the treasury while taxes increased. Dissenters started to “disappear” and the thing that probably was most important to the protagonist…their father also disappeared as well.


I am mostly basing myself in parts of the balkans but i have nothing defined yet as i say. Froysia is in deep economic depression at the start of the game. Froysian transportation as i said is primitive, so there is only a old port in one of the cities.

Thanks for the feedback! About the eyes, thanks for being the first to point out. Yeah, the background can influence plenty of things in the game as you can see, nobles tend to have “side effects” thanks to their magic upbringing, these can become even stranger as the noble’s potential unveils, things like the eyes and hair color are merely the lesser effects (although, these may also have magical anomalies around them)…about the Hazel, i forgot but also i don’t wanna search that much about eyes colors so RO’s can describe them in poetic ways lol

When is the next game update likely? What are some of the froysia companies? What are some of the cities of froysia? What is the military power of froysia? (Soldiers, weapons, organizations, etc.)

I have plenty of work to be done in this month and in the next one as well, but i’ll try to make consistent updates even if they are small. About the other things, i’ll tell you about them when the next updates get finished :wink:

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Does that mean it’s a weekly update instead of a daily update?

Weekly update

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Sooo, i’m kinda bussy with school to make a big update in the week, but i’m gonna try to make the childhood prologue until the part where your character first introduction to the main RO’s and the technologies made in the concordian war. I promise, is gonna be pretty cool :wink:


Found a spelling mistake you missed the 't’in their little child


I loved the binging it was really cool but then I was done lol can’t wait for more

You said that there are parliaments and courts, but what kind of authority do you have? Is it possible to set a budget or a cabinet order? What kind of procedure is required if it can be determined? What laws and policies can be established in the judiciary field? (For example, is it possible to establish a statute of limitations, jury system, juvenile justice, death penalty system, prison system, civil judiciary system, police system, constitutional review system, public defense counsel system, appeal system, etc.?). Are there any laws or policies regarding firefighting and disaster preparedness in this game? Are there any laws or policies regarding weather forecasts? Does Social Security and Health Insurance Exist in This Game? Are there any media laws or policies? Are there any laws or policies regarding pollution control and other environmental measures? Are there any laws or policies regarding local autonomy? Sorry for the long sentence.


I would be very interested in cabinet order specifically, especially the choosing of a designated survivor.

The plot seems to be pretty solid. I have only one question, what will the game be focusing on, the character view of events, or the management of the country? By management I mean a style like The War for Magincia, and some other games, like Stronghold.

Is hard to specify one in specific, while i am mostly focusing in management the character pov’s is also very important. But yeah, is mostly akin to a management game but with also with some heavy elements in pov’s pv.


Chossing an designated survivor? Thats sound totally unnecessary, but also very fun. Good adition for a paranoid character.