Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum (Out Now!)



Probably the most famous of them all: King Herod. His sons later became kings and ruled together with Pontius Pilatus. It was team work required both sides to cooperate!

Romans many times would let you continue being king as long as you paid your taxes, obeyed them and traded with them, sure they could always later on go and take it away from them but that would cost men, money and could cause a revolt. Much more efficent to “vassalize” the kings and become friends.


Hahaha I would love to aspire towards that level of customization though! both aesthetically and meaningfully. But I guess it’s about balancing the time spent on each aspect!

I’ll have to admit that I was going for was more of a noble lineage with connections to the king of the past. Somewhat like an old family with historically royal connections. I could probably have made it slightly less ambiguous, and probably been more specific given that I mentioned this in passing, but I thought it didn’t really matter hahaha. I’ll leave it up for interpretation though!

@Eiwynn @el_coracero
I believe that is true as well, even though I haven’t researched extensively into it. It makes a lot more sense as the Romans expanded - assimilating these vastly foreign cultures and nations into their fold would have stretched them way too thin, and it was far easier to have client states instead of trying to conquer the new lands true and true.

Hahaha that’s true. I wonder if such sentiments are echoed by the others. Especially for IFs where more often than not the prose is going to be similar, replaying seems to be a bit of a drag. Unless it’s a more robust type of game.

Very possible. I’ve started to notice people simply following along with the majority… highly suspect

Wow that’s definitely a very privileged role hahaha. And sera must be lucky to have you :smile: How did you guys even come to work together!


I saw her WIP on here after someone recommended it. So we met through here. :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t really want to drag this off topic, so I’ll leave it at that.

On topic:
Only 6 more days! I can hardly wait!


:star_struck: I just hope that the release will not be postponed just like many COG/HG


It already was, It was supposed to have been out on the third already. :cry:
But, yeah, let’s hope for no more delays and that this one and Keeper really make it onto Steam, as I’ve been really looking forward to both of them.


Same here. I waited for a very long time for these games. I’m really into gladiator and supernatural school stories.


Only two more days🤤



Hahaha and now it’s only 2 days!!! Exciting times woohoo

I hope so too!!

Yeahh!! We don’t get a ton of visibility into the publication dates so hopefully it comes out without anymore delays!!

Hope you enjoy the finished game!! :smile:

Yeaaaa boi I’m super pumped for it too!!! :smile:


For some reason because of that im right now reading anigent eqypt history out of wikipedia


I thought I was the only one


@Sade98 @Bathala
Hahaha please impart your knowledge oh noble ones!!!

In other news, it is now the 17th on my side of the world!! I’m super excited (still don’t know if it’s coming out or not) but if anyone sees anything on the stores, please let me know!!!


It’s still 16th here… so let’s just wait another 12 hours or so… it’s coming out for sure… since I have seen the post


It’s the 16th here. And it’s only 10:30am on the west coast, which I believe is the timezone for COG. So it’ll be another 24 hours, I’m thinking.


Keep an eye out, it’s very possible it might release on some platforms before the 17th.


thats not true at all, wayhaven released at 3am here in spain … so it may reléase in about 2 or 3 hour from now. and its the patforms that released them so the time vary from one to another.
Usually us google play get it faster than Apple for example xD


It’s the 17th here. We’re being invaded by aliens.


It is for the best not to use previous HG titles as basis for release time since they vary from one title to another. Officially, if everything goes well, the game will be up on the 17th based from CoG’s location.

I did experienced getting some titles earlier but otherwise, it will be officially out when CoG send the newsletter.

Just a little PSA especially for those newcomers and lessen the the ‘oh no it got delayed’ situation when on the side of CoG, they released on time.


and thats what i just said? maybe u missed the edited post?


You mentioned this line

But it’s not yet 17th on CoG’s location and based from previous newsletter received from CoG, the official release will be 20 plus hours from now.

Of course, if it will be release earlier. That is well and good. :slight_smile:


but as i said that not entirely true, you even said so, it depends on different things including the timezones and platforms that are released… thats what i wanted to get out of my message, maybe i did not word it good enough xD