Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum (Out Now!)



Yes, between related parties. We are not to be involved in this.


Yes, and I am just simply explaining some stuff about “common plot lines” and also expressing my thought on how those similarities are not common plot lines.




Glad to see the thread’s open again. Just wanted to let everyone know that me and @nauhziy have talked things out between ourselves and everything’s been sorted. :blush:


That’s good to hear!


Thanks @Avery_Moore and everyone for being so patient and understanding during this time! I’ll work to put up the demo of the first few chapters again. Most of the changes were made to chapter 2, so any feedback on that would be much appreciated!

Also depreciated the playercode system for the CoG submission, but I’ll see what I can do to get it back on the demo. Thanks for your patience thus far and I hope you guys like the changes!

Apart from that, I have plans to write another game, or experiment with creating an actual game (non IF) so we’ll see how it goes!!


So… the old player codes don’t work anymore cause I kept adding things and then had to delete the whole thing for the contest.

But uh… as a peace offering, here’s some great concept art done by the amazing @RagingMunkey! What do y’all think?


Glad everything were sorted out. I will try this as soon as I get back from work. =D


Wow! That’s awesome! :blush:


Bug in chapter 2, in the choice “I will miss them”.


Alright, fixed it.

I’ve also implemented a new stat system (which does a short character eval at the end of the game. Let me know if you guys like it!) Otherwise, it should be all good now! Also, use CJW’s great save system. PlayerCodes didn’t work for the contest sadly :confused:


In the greek background.

Dionysia is a [,] pleasant looking girl who is just about a head shorter than you.

Remove the bracketed comma.


Hmm, I couldn’t replicate this on my local version. Could you lmk how you arrived at this?


I made these choices:
the birthplace of civilization, Greece.
I come from an influential family with noble relations.


Yeap, there’s an unnecessary comma in the code right after bestfriendbody variable:

*label bestfriendan
${bestfriendbody}, pleasant looking
*if gender = "Male"
	girl who is just about a head shorter than you.

Will show up in both male and female playthroughs.

Edit: wait, that variable does not appear in the text, even though it should (it’s an appearance descriptor, the use of comma is correct in this case).


@Bugreporter @Jumo_004
Ahh yes I see! There was a boolean variable in there that was set wrongly. Thanks guys for spotting it!!! Should be fixed now :smile:


I just tried this out and loved it. I’m really looking forward to the next chapter.

I’m particularly impressed with how you managed to capture the absolute soul-crushing misery of slavery while somehow still making it engagingly playable.


Heya! Thanks for the kind words! It means a lot to me :smile: Yeah, I definitely tried to play on that, putting the player in the slave’s shoes and really giving a small taste of what life could be like. It’s been submitted to CoG for the contest, so hopefully you’ll be playing it in it’s entirety sooner rather than later! :smile:


Are there more than 4 chapters? Because after I kissed Ebe and went to sleep. The bottom said end if chapter iv, clicked it and it took me to the death ending. Reloaded and pulled away, same thing. Not sure if its a bug or just the end so far?

Also loved it, very immersive and lots of choices. Keep up the fantastic work.