Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum (Out Now!)



Hey! Glad you liked the demo :smile: Yes, it’s just four chapters for now out of a total of 6 chapters (I think the last two chapters sum up to about 80 thousand words or something!) But yeah it’s been submitted to the Cog contest so you stay excited for the final publication!!! :smile:

Thank you for the kind words! How did you find the ending character profiling feature? Did you like it?


Looking forward to the final release. Is this going to be a stand alone game with everything wrapped up, or will there be others?

As for the end I liked how it called me a charismatic leader since that was my strongest stat. Though it being a death page made me think it was a bug or I was like were Ebe’s lips poisoned? Lol.


Guess you would have to play the final game to find out hahahaha. Another consideration would be the response for the first game I guess! If people love it, I’ll def write another piece in the same universe. But we’ll see (;

Ahh yes it actually tracks your decisions (it’s independent from your stats) So if you play it multiple times, you can get different results! And yes, I realized everyone would die hehhh sorry about that! Rest be assured the final game doesn’t have that ><

It would be so sad if Ebe’s lips were poisoned. Surely I wouldn’t be so cruel! hahaha


No one’s speaking of the cutie who take care of you spoilerwhen you’re hallucinating ?spoiler
Or he’s just but a figment of your imagination ? :rofl:


Hahaha well, that’s all up to you to figure out :wink:


Noooo I’m crap at this, please give a hint :sob::joy:


I always thought that was the Master’s daughter ? I forgot her name … @nauhziy, she is a great healer right ?

the sequel will be MC elevated to Military General ? :slight_smile:


@Vana @Eric_knight
Hahaha I don’t want to spoil it for you guys! But what do you think? >.<

Well… I don’t want to spoil chapters 5 and 6! But that’s definitely a possibility!! Still, given the relatively low social status of a gladiator, it would be almost impossible to become a general (I believe they are called Legatus) of a Roman Legion. Still, there are other positions available.

I might do a split path thing! What do you guys think of becoming a Lanista, or running your own gladiator school?


I’ll be posting up a super short blurb just to see if you guys like the writing style/detail so stay tuned for that! Haven’t been able to write too much, I’ve got a short story coming up too if anyone is interested!! :smile:

Also been thinking of setting up a website for my writing/ my sibling’s work. So we’ll see how it goes!


Well the description doesn’t match any of the character… MC must be hallucinating :joy:


Please spoil me :smile:

What is Lanista again ? if i am romancing my childhood friend, i want to start my own gladiator school with her as wife… if i am romancing Aurelia ?? (the daughter of my master) then i want to become her personal body guard :slight_smile:

Really??? Could it be an Angel ? Angel exist during Roman era right ???


Lanista are men who purchase and look after the gladiators, they also train them


That’s great… It is like creating a sanctuary for the gladiators …I like that :slight_smile:


I’m not keen on this game when you fight you all ways die or get badly hurt never win or anything


Getting badly hurt is a win. Ensuring your survival is a win. Better than death.


It is about the story and adventure as a life of gladiator …

I think if we want a game about a larger than life protagonist who can “kill” everyone , take all the treasures and win every battles, we don’t have to play HG/CoG… playing some first person shooter online games is more than enough :slight_smile:


Hey! Sorry to hear that you’re having a tough time with the game, I did intend it to be realistic so there’s def some element of difficulty!

Just curious, what did you find challenging, where did you die, and what were your stats! Maybe I can help you out hahaha. Thank you so much!!!


@Vana @Eric_knight
Perhaps! Or maybe… :wink:

Yes, a lanista is a trainer, much like what Nerinas is. So you will oversee the day to day training of your gladiators and probably report to the owner of the ludus (the gladiator sch)


Hahaha I see that you have truly embodied the spirit of gladiator, well done my friend


So the contest results are out, and although the Gladiator didn’t get anything, it would still be very awesome to see it in the Hosted Games label (and finally get the last 2 chapters to see the light of day). To the beta testers who have helped w/ the testing of the game, and for all those who gave such amazing suggestions, I would love to credit all of you!

If you would like, do drop me your real names so that I can credit you properly, otherwise I will be using your avatars! Cheers! :smile:

@mossheart @Logan3000x @FutbolDude21586 @Kristina_NRE @phantom1321 @TheNobleOne @FaustXIII @Guillaume_Gilbert @CaesarCzech @Rav3nsblad3