Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum (Out Now!)

Depends, mostly little tweaks to stat balance. My most extensive mod to date has been for XoR, where I’ve made it possible for myself to obtain both male Breden and Simon. I have also, in the past corrected instances where my mc got misgendered in dialogue, without needing to wait for an official patch to pushed through.
Still, not being able to change anything at all on the website version, nor being able to play offline, as well as the fact that with the website version I have to finish a game in one sitting or lose my progress (which is pretty much going to limit my opportunities to play to the weekends) are all going to be frustrating, but not half as frustrating as “mobile” gaming would be.

Keeper of the Sun and Moon. A magical university (not highschool for once and the mc is a young adult) game with lots of cute ro’s. The Hosted Game slated to be released after Gladiator.

I think I may have already commented on this before, but what the heck. Greek, male and poor for me. And determined to get his revenge on that Kraterous brat! :persevere: