Gilded Rails hints


Can you tell me how you managed it? I’ve been tearing my hair out trying and have still only talked to her twice.


At the soiree, after you’ve talked to Evans, you’ll have a choice to set your interest in them (romantically, as a professional alliance or none at all).

If that choice does not appear, the game has not yet been updated on the platform you’re using (I tried google play just now, and it still was not possible. It worked on the site of choice of games, though)

After that, she’ll be on the list of “suitors” and then you just need to take care that your choices make one of the Evans’ stats grow above 57 (I managed it with high charisma and fashion clothes) before you propose them.


Not exactly true, you have to pick just certain questions though if you want to have any real chance of marrying her. Or at least that was the issue for me.


Im having the same trouble.
I have managed to get his love into the fifties and similar with the work one but so far nadda zilch all sweet nadda.
Its so frustrating and of corse i cose him first.
So like you ready to throw the phone.
throws it at Isaac LOVE ME!


Hate to break it to you, but you can’t marry Rochester no matter what you do. You can get engaged to them, but they’ll always call the wedding off eventually

But in general, to be succesful when wooing any character you need to pick 2 skills and spend the whole of chapter 1 trying to get them as high as possible. Chapter 1 is your main stat building section - there’s only a handful of opportunities after chap 1 which gives stat boosts.The character which had the most success for me had 70+ charm and insight going into chapter 4.

Don’t worry too much about the personaility stas as there are plenty of choices in the game to affect those. Just focus on core skills for chap 1.

Also since I’ve finally managed to marry him here’s a Lessing romantic proposal guide. Do note that its much harder to boost his romance stat compared to business. You want to heavily focus on your character’s charm, integrity and insight stats when going after him romantically.

  • At start the interview, don’t shake his hand. This is the only choice which boosts his romance during the interview. My character could pick either the ‘I have a cat’ option (needs high charm) or the ‘you want to test me option’ (needs high insight) to get a romance boost. A high gusto character can also go with ‘don’t mistake caution for pride’

  • At the soiree, you need to speak with Stanikopolos. Answering yes when they ask you if your only goal with the railroad is to increase its profits will increase Lessing’s romance (and doesn’t completely tank your relationship with Stanikopolos either - I still got invited to the Reformists after picking this choice!) Do note that your integrity score needs to be above 50 to get the boost.

  • Next is attending Elkorn and dressing appropriately. When speaking to Lessing choose to deflect (only succeeds with high charm, and again is the only choice which boosts romance).

  • After the derailment, chose to charm him to make him like you better. This is the highest charm check in his route, needing 70+

  • During the proposal, pick the eavesdropping option (which needs an insight check)


Thanks for the tips! And with charm, do you mean the charisma stat?