Gen X: Book One




Hello everyone, my name is Ari and this is my first choice script project. The artwork is still in progress as I haven’t decided a color scheme for this project. My stats are also work in progress but I plan on updating the project every two weeks or at least once a month. Writing is something I am still new at, so I am open to any and all feedback on that. Also let me know if the characters work, what feels inconsistent or stiff for the lack of a better word.


You’re Agent 98. Unlike the other Metas who were born to normal families through ART(Artificial reproduction Technology), you were designed in a lab. There were fourteen other embryos along with you. Your siblings who died months after birth. You were the lone survivor of project Beta. For the first twelve years of your life, your identity was that of a lab rat. Various tests and studies were conducted on you. Then came Commander Nagai and just like that your life changed.

He trained you to defend yourself and in the process changed a helpless kid into a lethal assassin. For better or worse, you are chained to him and your loyalty to him is unquestionable.

To the rest of the world, he is Minister Nagai and you are his aide. The media calls you a frightening example of nepotism in politics. Why else does a nobody twenty four year old get to be the Minister’s aide? A job meant for people with prestigious degrees and decades of experience.

For Metas there are only two paths in life. Join the Govt’s program or join the Wraiths. The Wraiths are an anti-government, anti-human, radical group (more like enhanced mercenaries) who want to take over the country by brute force. Minister Nagai is at the top of their hit list.

Life is fairly normal till that one day.

There’s news of a new weapon in the underground.

A raw Sigma at grade 12 who managed to destroy everything within a perimeter of ten kilometers thorough a psionic blast.

It’s an arms race.

The Minister tasks you with retrieving the Sigma and coaxing them to your side. Meanwhile the Wraith’s top assassin is after you and there’s unrest in the ranking. The Wraiths are plotting something and it’s up to you and your rag tag new team to stop them and keep the peace.

  • Play as male, female or non-binary.
  • Choose the RO’s genders based on your preference or orientation.
  • Be loyal to the Commander or carve the path to freedom.
  • Romance one of 6 Ros, the poly routes are undecided, will do a poll on those later.
  • The labs made only one of you.
A little background

Eighteen years ago, the Government had sponsored a series of projects based on bioweapons and structure enhancement. A certain doctor gave them the results and did the impossible. Dr Olivia Hartman was the head of project GENEX. She managed to create a new breed of super humans with different abilities based on a specific gene mutation. There are four variants:

  1. Alpha: Enhanced muscle density and stamina. Alphas can perform feats of strength and touch speeds that normal humans can only dream of. However unlike the superheroes in comic books, they aren’t capable of lifting cars and outrunning lightning. They were built to be the next generation of soldiers with higher physical parameters. Alphas also show a faster rate of cell regeneration and healing. Alphas are the most common of Meta humans.
  2. Omega: Omega’s are born with a more special set of gifts. Their senses of hearing, sight and smell are stronger than an ordinary human. Tests have proven that a grade four omega has a stronger sense of smell than a bloodhound. Omegas placed at grade seven and above are known to use echo location. Omegas are rarer and highly sought after in the investigations department.
  3. Sigma: All sigma’s possess an IQ of above 160. Sigma’s are extremely rare and are considered to be the most powerful of all the Meta Humans. Sigma’s are capable of telekinesis and hypnosis, dangerous gifts that are extremely difficult to control. Most sigma’s are able to bypass the detection tests performed at birth as it’s a difficult code to map.
  4. Betas: Oddly enough the term fails to describe the potential of their ability. Betas are the rarest of all Metas. They are so rare that their existence is considered to be a myth. The gene code is extremely hard to come across and near impossible to replicate successfully. Most Beta’s don’t make it past their early teens because they are farmed for their unmatchable abilities.

I won’t fully elaborate a Beta’s skills because the protagonist is a beta and it would ruin the surprise.

When the Government was ready to replicate the project, Dr Hartmann got attached to her test subjects and felt that farming children for warfare was unfair and she managed to disperse the second and last batch of the embryos into fertility clinics all over the country. With political instability clamoring at their door due to upcoming elections and a national scandal, the government leaders decided to bury the project behind red tape. Dr Hartmann disappeared overnight and now the Government is forced to scan every child born in this country to obtain their secret weapons.

The public has no idea about these experiments nor their aftermath. Various journalists and families have vanished overnight but the passage of time has eroded the people’s memories.

Love interests

1. Robin (M/F)
Robin is as ruthless as they are charming. With a penchant for violence and the cunning of a wolf, they are a formidable opponent. They’re the Wraiths top operative and an assassin known in the underground as the shadow of death. No one has escaped them and now you’re their next target.

Robin enjoys the hunt and finds you fascinating like a new species of beetle they’d like to dissect. Underneath the cruel smirk is a long story of grief and anger. Wraiths never have a happy backstory and Robin is no exception. They’re slow to trust but they know when they’ve been played and with everything colliding in the Wraiths hierarchy, it’s best if they stuck by you.

Robin has silver gray eyes, Straight rich black hair which is chest length for female Robin and chin length for Male. Their pale ivory skin has many scars hidden underneath dark turtlenecks and leather jackets.

2. Agent Gene (Eugene/Eugenia) Orwell (M/F/NB)

An Omega and Agent in the Special Investigations Bureau. They started off as part of the TAC teams but after a particularly grim breach assignment shifted to the SIB. Now their days are spent solving top brass murders and govt sponsored investigations.

Orwell is decent and professional if nothing else. They’re warm and kind most of the time. However it’s in your best interest if you stick to their good side. Gene can be brutal when they want to be.

Like most of this Earth, they have no clue that you’re a beta and with your lack of credible records they’ve got an inkling that there’s more to you than meets the eye. They have close ties with the Minister so you’ve crossed paths in the past. However you must tread carefully because they are on to you.

Gene has Umber skin, hazel eyes and curly black hair.

3. Major Zahir/Zarah Ghaffari (M/F)

Gruff, immovable and a grade 12 Alpha. Major Ghaffari is the Commander of Team A. Minister Nagai handpicked this team and all their assignments and operations come from him. Ghaffari is loyal and a brilliant soldier. Their team respects them immensely and would march into fire if they ordered it.

Problem is that Z hates you.

Not that you blame them. You’re the reason two of their team mates are dead. Little do they know that it was a sanctioned hit from the higher ups. Ghaffari thinks of you as a government stooge, a two faced jackal with no loyalty. It doesn’t help that you’re not answerable to anyone but the Minister who lets you off the hook for the most serious transgressions. The rest of their team agrees with their Commanding officer. Most despise you while few others give you the benefit of doubt.

Zahir/Zarah have forest green eyes, light brown skin and dark brown hair.

4. Alex Carrington (M/F)

The elusive Sigma who had kept their powers repressed for so long, it pressed for release in the form of a grade 12 blast. Alex’s parents divorced when they were ten. After the separation, their grandmother dumped them in a private boarding school and disappeared from their life. Alex grew up repressed, polite and desperately lonely. They’ve been bullied for most of their life and prefer the company of books over humans. However ever since the incident, they’ve changed. They’re more aware, less afraid and have way too much snark for one person. They’re confused, lost and afraid of themselves.

Till you find them.

Underneath those sandy waves is a pragmatic and intelligent brain. It’s up to you to help them harness their potential.

5. Doctor Kai Nagai (M/F/NB)

Kai has their own issues, most of them stem from the fact that their uncle is a Minister. The leading authority on Metas, Kai is the best chance you’ve got at deciphering your latest problem.

Kai and you go way back and they are perhaps your only true friend. Fed up with the dark cuts and the cruelty of this hidden world of Metas, Kai has retired to the countryside and now spends their days teaching in a Medical school.

Their mood ranges from dry sarcasm to bouts of twisted jokes at your expense. It doesn’t help that they’re recently divorced as their partner cheated on them. They’ve given up on their life and you might just be the break they need.

Kai has black hair with streaks of premature grey, obsidian eyes and beige skin.

6. Chase Nicholson (M/F)

A typical jock who can’t stay still for more than five minutes. They went to the same University as Alex and have seen them in passing. But unlike Alex who was at the bottom of the leader boards, Chase was popular and had a bright future as a professional football (Also known as Soccer) player.

Being a repressed Alpha, their abilities have blossomed recently and they’re having trouble calculating their own strength.

Guess who’s the punching bag?

You have no idea how a grade 0.3 was magnified to 12 overnight but it’s up to you to bring them in.

Chase has Auburn hair, blue eyes and peach skin.

  1. Death & near death experiences.
  2. Murder & Assassinations.
  3. Suicide and mentions of trauma.
  4. Crude language
  5. Violence towards MC and by the MC

Grammar, plot details, everything and anything that helps.




I can explain. Long story short, I bought a new laptop and had to shift all my data to this new one. Unfortunately since I am such an idiot and partly because it’s been only 12 days since I created my COG account, I forgot my google password. :sweat_smile:

So I explained my problem to the moderator and they told me to make a new thread. The old thread will be merged to this one.


I would have thought that story called Gen X would be about sitting around listening to Nirvana and watching Beavis and Butthead.


Looks good cant wait for more


Looking forward to more of this in future

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[Bookmarked :D]


Looking good and looking forward to what comes next.

Very interesting, very well written so far. And big fan of superhuman stories. So. I’m most certainly looking forward to what else you have to offer. :smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s what we learned about beta in this chapter is their only ability that makes them so special? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:

I must admit, when I started reading ‘background’ I thought we would be able to choose one of the types (I like Sigma) and I was a little disappointed that we not :sweat_smile: Nevertheless, I see you have pretty well thought out background, world and the story. Definitely sounds interesting and I’m going to follow where it goes.
I want to play the most stoic, cold, boring MC as possible xD

Bug? My MC has chin length hair.


This is very cool! I really enjoyed it so far, the only thing I could think of right off the bat is making the POV change back to the PC a little clearer. Otherwise, solid job, looking forward to see where this goes!


Fixed that so it should be fine now.

Life is a disappointment my friend. At least for the MC.


I love a badass character, or an assortment of badass characters. Story seems well thought out so far. I do wish that we could choose to be something other than a Beta, but i understand what a writing nightmare that could be. Will be following this story.


This ice cream option is great. More ice cream, please. Yay. There appears to be something missing before the “He hasn’t” line, though. He hasn’t what?

Haha, immortality, suckers.

Fun so far, looking forward to more.

The concept of superhumans being agents and not superheroes is interesting (It is a fresh concept than the overexploited concept of heroes and villains)

But when they explained that the MC can still survive decapitation, it seemed strange to me that what regenerates is the head and not the body.

I say this because I doubt where these metahumans get their abilities from. Because it normally comes out of the bearer’s brain, so following the logic of this speculation of mine, it suggests that if the MC is decapitated, what would regenerate would be the rest of the body cut from the head and not the head itself, unless the origin of Beta’s powers come from somewhere in his body and not in his head.

Even so, this story promises something good in the future, so together with those present in this forum, I will wait patiently for the next update.


I liked it, you’ve got an enjoyable writing style.

Error dump

Gender: Gender, I guess it should change when player picks a gender

inconsistent capitalization
I’d capitalize that

Love the list. Makes my work a lot easier. Thank you for the error dump. :upside_down_face:

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If I told you the origin of a beta’s abilities, it would ruin the suprise.


This is fantastic!


Theory: the Time Lords helped create Betas : P


Saw “science fiction” and “adult fiction”. Clicked the “like” Button with the force of a thousand suns. :joy:

First impression: Interesting concept, snappy writing, good read. Looks promising. Love the MC’s snark and there are several fun options to interact with different characters. Not really a fan of the POV changes but that’s a personal preference.

Some thoughts & things I noticed:

I’m not really a fan of the RO gender selection process at the beginning as it breaks my immersion getting fed information about the ROs before I have even met my own MC. Maybe, for the future, implement an all-male/all-female option and one in which the RO genders are shuffled? Or let us choose individually once we meet them and put their description in the stats?

If possible, I’d love to see the hair colors arranged in a more logical order similar to the eye color options: From different types of blond to brown to auburn. That way, the reader can find their preferred option more easily. I’m also not sure what’s the difference between gold blond and caramel blond but maybe that’s just me having difficulties picturing such details in general.

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Blank space needed.

“Roof top.”


The helmet has mused it


“If it isn’t the Minister’s top dog. We were just talking about you”

Missing a period.

While some responsible citizens would dial for an ambulance

Call an ambulance?

“So the third person threw our Hitman out the window?”

“Hitman” doesn’t need to be capitalized unless they will simply call our MC “Hitman” until they get to know their real name.

I nod. “That confuses me**,** as well.”

No comma needed.

Room freshener and the personal scents of fifty technicians, photographers and guards ruins


A sigma wouldn’t have contacted the Earth hard enough for a splatter,

Should be capitalized?


Missing a period.

“Welcome back sir.”

Missing a comma.

“If I say no would you let me eat your share of ice cream?”

Missing comma. ("If I say no, […])

but then I escaped by jumping off a skyscraper**.To** answer

Blank space needed.

The rest of this world thinks that you’re a college graduate who’s got high family connections

High family connections? Not sure but it sounds weird to me.

favourite genres are Mystery and Horror. […] Though you have caught him reading the occasional Romance and love poetry.

Wouldn’t capitalize the genres.

“Is there a chance he can figure out that you’re a beta?”

Should be capitalized?

"I am sorry sir but I had no choice.

Comma needed.

It aches but you keep your mask in place. “My apologies Minister.”

Comma needed.

“Immortality is a myth Ben.

Comma needed.

The Omegas can find themselves a pool to cool off and The Sigmas can throw all the fits they want.

You slip on your boots but leave the rest with Manny. He’d sent it down to the basement for laundry.

He’ll send?