Games/WIPs that use sound?

I’m curious if anyone knows of any solid examples of Choicescript WIPs or published games that actually employ the *sound command and have music or sounds embedded into their game? I know most of the time we tend to rely on our imaginations and the text for our adventures, but I’m curious to see if this command has ever been used in action!


and, I think, some of Samuel H Young’s games did (but I haven’t played them).


Captive of Fortune, yes.

Also: Silent Gear.


So 99% of the ChoiceScript games out there are silent, and one of the only ones that isn’t actually has the word Silent in the title.


WiPs that i know has sound/music are Until the Colors Bleed Gray (custom music) and Caught in a Reverie (sounds).

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Hi @rinari. I used sound to implement a version of the game of Simon in CS.

Also, in my maze you can choose between an original soundtrack (only one minute, due to upload limits on Dashingdon) or a creepy ambient sound on loop.

I also like Lunchtime very much @cjw. It really pushes the envelope of graphics and sound (modding the CS engine).

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