Games in which I can be evil?

I’m looking for a game where I can be a complete asshole and an evil prick.
I love being one of those necromancers who want to take over the world


You can play as a supervillain in Choice of Games’ Diabolical. And there is a WIP here called From Ashes We Rise where you can either play as a villian or an anti-hero (there is a choice to be a hero but that part wasn’t written) but it has been on hiatus for a very long time now.


Pretty sure you can be rather evil (complete with eeeevil classes) in the Lost Heir trilogy. Life of a Mobster is also a good pick - I mean, you’re a mobster, being evil is pretty easy to do.

When it comes to WiP, try to look out for The Wight King, where you get to play an undead abomination. There was also a great one, A Hag Called Fate, but that one’s dead.

Finally, there are a couple of supervillain games out there, but I never really tried them out.

A topic that I will be keeping an eye on myself. :wink:

There is also Fallen Hero, in which you play as a former hero turned supervillain, though admittedly you do not experience much of the villainy side of things until the very end. But it is well worth the wait, I assure you. :grin:

The Lost Heir series deals with being good or evil. You can eventually do evil things as an evil monarch, marching through your lands and taking what is yours, crushing anyone that gets in your way. You can be an evil knight, which is my personal favourite, and worship evil gods. Of course, to get the full benefit, you would need to buy the whole series. It is up to you if buying a series would be worthwhile.

There are various other games in which you can do questionable things, but you being an evil villain isn’t something which is explored. Like, in Choice of Alexandria, you can eventually work yourself into becoming the ruler of Egypt (I think) through questionable means, and in Choice of Robots you can war against the United States and take Alaska for yourself.

Hope this helps. :smile:


You can be evil and manipulative in Guenevere by Jean Townsend. Book One and the first half of Book 2 are completed so far.

You can be pretty evil in Choice of the Dragon lol, you’re a man eating dragon who burns villages after all.

You can do exactly this in Life of a Wizard. You can even become a Lich and kill a random unicorn (so basically, become Voldemort).


In Lost Heir too, there was an ending where you control the demon and take over the world as an evil ruler. Also in Tokyo Wizard there was a necromancy path where you can become an undead lich in the end.

Although it seems like the obvious pick, you can’t really be really evil in Diabolical. It’s more of a comedy, over the top cartoonish villain most of the time. (I kind of wished there’d been an alternative ending available to give you the option to be a supervillain, even if you got thrawted. If you want to be a neromancer, I second Life of a Wizard and Tokyo Wizard, both of which have options for this.

I haven’t read it myself, but would Killing Time fit into the “can be evil” category? (From what I’ve heard it might.)

If you are into Westerns, you should look at Tin Star. It allows for a wide range of player actions/choices. From the beginning, you could choose to be a murderer as well as run up an impressive body count, etc.

Also, considering it is one of the older CoGs, and you expressed interest in necromancy, you might look at Neighborhood Necromancer. I admit to a personal fondness for it.