Game with best replay-ability / achievements?


I’ve just been replaying Tally ho again, trying to get all the achievements, so I wanted to post this question here to ask what game(s) you think you could play over and over again without getting bored?


Lucid’s games like TLH because they have the RPG feeling to them.


Choice of Robots all the way. (And Tally Ho).


Replay-ability wise:

  • Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven
  • Lost Heir Trilogy (Although it might will make you frustrated at certain points)
  • Choice of Robots
  • The Road to Canterbury
  • Fallen Hero: Rebirth
  • The Kepler Colony
  • Paranoia


  • A Midsummer Night
  • Heart of the House
  • Choice of the Petal Throne
  • Fallen Hero: Rebirth

I honestly had to go through all of my HG/COG collection just to come up with these results. Feel free to add on to this list!


One that isn’t COG/HG but in similar style, that I’ve completed to death is Magium. It has really good characters, with interesting writing. But for COG/HG, for me personally it has to be the Community College Hero, both parts. Just a great game.


Choice of robots hands down


Choice of the Deathless, Highlands Deepwaters, and Tin Star are the ones I could play over and over again without getting bored.


I usually do replay runs when the sequels will come out after Book N of a CoG/HG title to refesh my memory. But I hope to remedy that soon. :laughing: Another factor why I rarely do re-runs was because I tend to restart my games when I made a wrong choice. There was one game that comes to mind that I didn’t hesitate to do another run: The Wayhaven Chronicles. Although each play-through was almost the same and it has no achievements, experimenting with different MCs for four ROs were enjoyable.