Game with best replay-ability / achievements?

I’ve just been replaying Tally ho again, trying to get all the achievements, so I wanted to post this question here to ask what game(s) you think you could play over and over again without getting bored?

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Lucid’s games like TLH because they have the RPG feeling to them.


Choice of Robots all the way. (And Tally Ho).


Replay-ability wise:

  • Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven
  • Lost Heir Trilogy (Although it might will make you frustrated at certain points)
  • Choice of Robots
  • The Road to Canterbury
  • Fallen Hero: Rebirth
  • The Kepler Colony
  • Paranoia


  • A Midsummer Night
  • Heart of the House
  • Choice of the Petal Throne
  • Fallen Hero: Rebirth

I honestly had to go through all of my HG/COG collection just to come up with these results. Feel free to add on to this list!


One that isn’t COG/HG but in similar style, that I’ve completed to death is Magium. It has really good characters, with interesting writing. But for COG/HG, for me personally it has to be the Community College Hero, both parts. Just a great game.

Choice of robots hands down

Choice of the Deathless, Highlands Deepwaters, and Tin Star are the ones I could play over and over again without getting bored.

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I usually do replay runs when the sequels will come out after Book N of a CoG/HG title to refesh my memory. But I hope to remedy that soon. :laughing: Another factor why I rarely do re-runs was because I tend to restart my games when I made a wrong choice. There was one game that comes to mind that I didn’t hesitate to do another run: The Wayhaven Chronicles. Although each play-through was almost the same and it has no achievements, experimenting with different MCs for four ROs were enjoyable.