Game plot idea

Okay so I am currently thinking of making a game and wanted to hear opinions about this

You play as a high school student who discovers the existence of supernatural beings. One day you and 3 friends are walking to the movies when you feel something weird and unnatural coming from an abandoned building. You feel something calling you and go inside with your friends following. You all see a rat-like monster about as big as a trailer eating the remains of a man. The monster turns towards the group and attacks. One of your friends is ripped in half, your best friend is unconscious, and a love interest is about to be eaten. In a fit of rage, you awaken your power and attack the monster. A couple minutes into the battle you faint, leaving the question of whether or not the monster is alive or dead.

You then wake up in a hospital with two strangers in your room. They introduce themselves and explain to you what happened when you lost consciousness, about the existence of those “beasts”, your power and others like you. Afterwards, they offer to take you to a place where you can train your power, because it is now unsafe for you to live at home, now that you have “awakened”.

Sounds like “Unnatural”, a game being made on this forum.

This is similar to Unnatural, but so are dozens of books, shows, and movies. The trick is in the execution – the plot is nothing new, but if the characters and specifics can grab the reader, then go for it. Also think of what twists you might put on it, e.g. the monsters are actually the good guys and your trainers the bad guys, etc.

Yeah. He had to murder your friends because they were evil too. :stuck_out_tongue:

After looking at unnatural I see what you mean. I’m gonna try and make it distinct from his game

Good luck with this project it is similar to my Unnatural yet both games have potential to be distinct games in their own way.

Have fun writing :slight_smile: