Game of Simon: another proof of concept

Hi all. Stimulated by the discussion here:

I implemented a good old memory challenge, the game of Simon.

Some page breaks are redundant, but required to play *sound right, as you can’t have more than one sound per page. If you play with the access keys, it’s not too bad. Have fun!

This could be used to have musical puzzles in a game. For instance, the game could give you directions to a goal as a melody. Or, do you remember the pirate organ in The Goonies?


Updated with keyboard shortcuts. You can use 1-4 to play the four colors.
Also, added numbers to the images.

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Direct keyboard input like that really helps with the flow of the game, and gives it a much greater feeling of involvement and immediacy. I’d actually like to see that be an option implemented in most games. I understand that mobile has a way not to have to press 2 buttons (your choice and the next button) to advance, but I don’t think pc does, or that it works with screen readers. In games where pacing and higher interactivity are preferred that’s a cool solution. How difficult is that to implement?

Hi @tangerine_skies, I’m happy you like it. See some notes here about keyboard input.