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What type of games have you all wanted to be made?

Game ideas put it here
Game ideas put it here
Give me an idea for a game and I'll make it

I would love to see a few games set in a realistic (or pseudo-realistic) world… an adventure along the lines of the old Mission:Impossibles or MacGyver would be lovely. That said, I would probably be sensible to take @fantom 's line and work on one myself instead of doing what I’m doing, which is something completely different.


Most of the games I’ve wanted have been created or are WiPs


Someone asked a similar question a while back, so I’ll repeat what I said then. The game I wanted to be made is the one I’m currently working on.

To be more specific, I want a game with an epic storyline, memorable characters, majestic scenes, and loads of re playability. I don’t know if my own game will actually fulfill my own lofty expectations, but I’ll certainly try.


I would love a game where you have been kidnapped, and you cant escape and is set in a moden time, but evryone is a mermaid and merman underwater, and cant change into legs.


I am thinking about a peacekeepers game, where you and your team are trying to keep hostile neighbors from going to war again. Think Cyprus, or the Balkans, or the West Bank before the current horrors.


The game I would like are several. I don’t have a gift in programming so here are my ideas.

  1. A game where you play family through the generations and what that will lead you.
  2. Similar to the above but the difference is that the main quest is starting a tribe than city and so on though the generation and making a culture based on honour and such.
    3.the last one I would like is more complicated in premise. Imagine that a person is born with a basic level of mine control. And what I mean by mind control is for example making somebody happier or influencing decisions not messages and such. Now you decide what to do with it. Their is more of course like will you influence emotions or thoughts more? I don’t want any one side to be "evil"although I would like the oputunity to be come an evil overlord.
    Sorry if I seem needy but I am just saying some ideas


A “Yes (Prime) Minister” type game would be something I would like to see.
I have toyed with the idea of attempting to make one myself based on Japanese politics but any attempt at that would be at least years away (not in the least because I’d need to vastly improve my Japanese language skills from their current basic tourist/kindergarten level in order to properly do the research and even then I don’t think I’d actually be a good enough writer to actually pull it off).

But in general I’m usually pleasently suprised by the number and variety of projects currently in production.
A game where you’d play the sexy evil villain would rank pretty high on my wish list as well.


@deathscoming1 Choicescript is specifically designed so that those who don’t know anything about programming can still use it. It’s not that difficult to pick up once you get past the basics, and certainly worth the effort.

I still remember when Samuel was first asking for a coder, convinced he couldn’t learn choicescript himself. But he persevered and now he’s releasing his series of games.


@deathscoming1 fairy is right. If people like me who dont have pc, and even is not English native could code everybody can.


@Deathscoming1, I like the live through the generations idea, a great way to keep the game going.

Games I’d like to see…

  1. I’d like to see a “super hero” game with a bit more choice than Heroes Rise. Like being able to choose from a variety of powers… But would prefer that less than half the population had powers… Maybe an eleventh of the population.

  2. I’d also like to see another time travel game… Perhaps more long and drawn out and complicated. Not saying Paradox Factor isn’t complicated, but I feel like every time travel game or movie should be so complicated and confusing that it pisses off the pope.

  3. I’ve always been a huge fan of survival horror, and I’ve seen a few WIPs of that genre, but the more the merrier there.

  4. A great unique (so far) game that hasn’t been done is a Castaway type game… Trying to survive on an island with only what you can make and find… It can’t get better.


A modern mercenary/pirate game.


I am using an IPad and don’t have a computer so I can’t do it, you can’t downloaded it with an iPad. Sorry again if I seem mean


I’d always fantasized of making a game about arcane gangsters in a steampunk setting but that projects been put aside.


@Deathscoming1 No one thinks you’re being mean. I’m just trying to be encouraging. You can do it on an ipad. Mara codes on a phone. I can’t even text on my phone the buttons are so small so I’ve no idea how she manages. I know I’m still trying to work things out on my tablet though so I can’t offer any useful advice as to how it’s done, only that it can be.


I’ve got a few ideas.

  1. A space retrieval mission. Lead a crew on a spaceship to retrieve another ship that was once thought lost in deep space. Simple stuff really.

  2. Vampires. I’ve been wanting to try to do something with the name “Snowblood,” so trying to navigate a society in modern times is what I’m aiming for. What I would hope to implement over 3 instalments is “Bloodline” traits, where you sire a child in the first instalment and you play as them in the second, same thing with the third. Various effects like having a childe with another vampire results in the pure blood trait, or having a childe with a human results in a Dhampir.

  3. Post Apocalyptic. You live in a domed city in the middle of an everlasting snow storm. The generators are shutting down once again and you’re tasked with retrieving an android that could possibly keep them going. I want a sense of the world dying with this, the cold and hopelessness slowly closing in.

Thing is, I have no idea how to use Choice script. I would just love to write up something but it just appears abit too complicated for me. I’ve tried before, even got the necessary programs but when it came to actually writing the piece, I didn’t know where to put it…


How do you download choice script on iPad? I tried but it didn’t work


I used a computer to get CS into my Dropbox. Then I downloaded the Dropbox app onto my tablet, plus a text editor app whose name I forget which links to Dropbox. That lets me use my tablet to edit startup.txt and the other txt files saved on my Dropbox.

  1. a soccer CoG, in which you begin as a 15 year old with multi flash backs which determine your character. It consists of everything, from romance, relationships, and things like in the match, who are you gonna pass to or try a shot yourself, kinda thing.


I’d love to see a game where you play as a god. Create life in your own image, be it three legs or four. Encourage their cultural development, make your own religious tenants, deal with atheists who refuse to believe you exist, smite people if all else fails. All good stuff.

A game where you play as a dictator would also be fun. Make your own banana republic, insane laws, bribes, dealing with political factions, exhaust the national fund to pay for your lavish monuments etc.