Game idea slice life about major historical actors in their youth and obscurity

I’ve been reading biographies social history research about the removals about all different types of people For that Jacksonian game and I kind a blossom into this whole period of antebellum filled with just interesting historical actors from the utopian society founders t different agents of empire or major political economic figures that during this time. We’re just being born or deeply in their of obscurity. Now some figures that later became incredibly famous in their area are incredibly up obscure now.

The idea is you pick these figures it and you play these individuals during a mundane period Of their life before they had any prominence it could be their childhood their teenage years there earlier professional years. For example Imagine running into a 12-year-old Ulysses when he ran a transport service with histwo horses. Or Kit Carson during Fur trapping period with his indigenous wife.

Or Sam Houston during his teenage years living with the Cherokees. Or the other end of the career of a John Ross when he was a young man indulging every type of Mercantile trade in the American south To make his fortune. Future chief himself who was only 1/8 Cherokee. Which was more common then most people know.

So do you play individuals and you just make small interactions in the daily events of their life. Or do you play as your own character during the antebellum period making your own way as you possibly interacted act with them at different point in time.

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