Game file will not show up on random test server

I’m having trouble with finding the edited start-up file in the Random test server, I understand this is an elementary struggle, however this is my first time attempting code so I am very confused and would appreciate a hero for this calamity.

I have saved the file under a new name in the web, mygames, scenes, folder but upon attempting to open the file in the randomtest server, it is no longer there.

I’m not positive that I’m understanding the issue correctly–are you saying that you can’t run randomtest?

If so, the solution should be pretty simple: you can’t rename the startup file. So change the name back to startup, and randomtest should run the way it’s supposed to.

ETA: regardless of what your specific problem is, you still need to change the name back to startup

From the wiki:

startup.txt is one of the two default text files (the other being choicescript_stats.txt) required by every ChoiceScript game, which cannot be renamed and must follow a prescribed format.

Emphasis added