Game doesn't work in dashingdon but works when playing in normal choicescript

Ok, so this is a strange one that has been making me scratch my head all afternoon.

I have uploaded a game to dashingdon, to playtest it myself. I have a subroutine which allows MC to decide what to do in a given situation. If he chooses the option below, it will take him to another subroutine (which deals with the dialogue with each character).

If the reader clicks the option below, everything goes well up to the *page_break. Then, the loading sign appears, but will never end up loading.

However, if I play the game on a normal browser, using the choicescript file (i.e. not through dashingdon), it works fine. Is there something I am missing somewhere?

*if ((present_headshot =1) and ((headshot_refused_talk =0) and (talked_character=0))) #"Joo, there is something that I've been wanting to ask you..."

    You tell Joo that there is something you've been wanting to ask her. 
    As you do this, she nods, inviting your question. 

    *set talked_character +1

    *set relationship_metal_gladiator %-20
    *set relationship_silent_stalker %-10


    *gosub_scene C1_Conversation_Joo
    *goto training_choice


  • Is there an easy way to confirm that C1_Conversation_Joo.txt uploaded correctly?
  • Does it change anything if you direct the *gosub_scene to a specific label within the scene file?

Is the text file, the one that belongs to the sub, written in capital letters too? Because maybe, the problem could be that. It happened to me once with a scene. I hope it helps!


Add /scenes path to your address bar to check the naming and list of your scene files.

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Thanks for all the help. It was the capitals… actually, I’d run against this problem before, but kind of forgot about it until @Freja mentioned it! (thanks!)

Just goes to show what a mindless person I am…