Game about magicians

I have some thoughts about a game where you become a magician like Houdini and others. You can choose between being a street magician, escape artist, or stage magician. first game need help

Classic magicians! Awesome! I have to admit, when I saw the title, I was disappointed thinking it was going to be another rpg type wizard game, but this is awesome. Can’t wait for a demo!


What do you need help with?

I need help with the coding currently

Hey… what’s wrong with RPG wizard games? :fearful:

Just kidding. A classic magician game sounds great!

@Lucid, nothing! I love them, but they’re everywhere! Always watching… Always waiting… Always speaking nonsense and wearing funky hats… They’ve got a spell for everything but restoring youth, and that makes me paranoid. Maybe I’ve just alway been more of a ranger than a wizard.


@Reaperoa used to have a fantastic tutorial, but I don’t know what happened to it.

It got moved to lounge.

So are you thinking Modern day Magician and Illusionist or in Houdini’s time and era?

Are we already a great magician or are we going to climb to the top with skill, engineering and trickery?

I am ever so excited for this to start, I haven’t seen a CoG idea like this before.

It is modern day with you starting at your sixth birthday party

It’s probably just me but I would have preferred a game in the Victorian/Edwardian age of magicians. Sort of like a game version of the Prestige.