Freeway Warrior: Highway Holocaust

I’ve begun work on a conversion project of the Joe Dever book “Freeway Warrior: Highway Holocaust”

Currently it’s ready for play testing and 100% complete.

To play test, go here:

Note: I did not write this story, I only converted the original book to Choicescript. This is a non-profit personal project used for learning and gaining proficiency with Choicescript. If there is further interest in the other books in this series, I will likely continue converting them as well.


That’s really quite a lot of work to learn choicescript… the only thing here is the copyright issues. I know you are doing this as a personal project, but I am not really sure what is the copyright status here… (sorry to point this out, I know you are doing it with the best of intentions, and probably not thinking about making any profit, and this is an out of print book, etc… yet the issue of copyrights is nevertheless still there…)

I seriously doubt it would be able to be published due to copyright status. Still a pretty impressive CS project, even if the beginning is more information heavy than I’d like.

I actually opened this thread just to tell you that the title of your proposed story was already taken by an old gamebook! I can still picture the cover…

Not sure about the copyright issues :worried: but I appreciate all the work you put in and it was nice to meet up with an friend in a new format!

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