Freelance Illustrator and Character Artist!

Hi everyone!

I’m Adrienne (they/them), otherwise known as defenestratin on Twitter/Tumblr. I’m a recent graduate of SCAD HK, majoring in Sequential Art. I’m a huge fan of choice games, and some of my favorite mainstream ones would be the Fallout, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect franchises. I love playing tabletop RPGs- namely D&D and Masks: A New Generation.

That being said, I quickly fell in love with the work CoG does on their games, with CSAW, Psy-High, and most especially with the Heroes Rise series, which I’ve done a heck ton of fanart for since 2014, resulting in a couple of fancomics of my own. I love HG titles as well, especially Community College Hero, Zombie Exodus and Fallen Hero!

I offer commissions through my Twitter and Tumblr, but I thought it would be great to offer my services to anyone working on their own books here on the forums! I’d love to gain experience working with authors and producing artworks for their writing.

I specialize in visual development, character illustrations and designs, as well as comic pages and layouts. I offer works ranging from cel-shaded, soft-shaded, painted, and lineless digital artwork.

I’ve dabbled professionally in poster design, playing cards artwork, and concept art for videogames.

CoG/HC/HG work I’ve illustrated:

Choice of Games:

  • The Eagle’s Heir
  • Broadway 1849
  • Fielder’s Choice
  • DinoKnights
  • Stronghold
  • Choice of Magics
  • Sword of the Slayer
  • Asteroid Run: No Questions Asked
  • Fool!
  • Psy High 2

Heart’s Choice:

  • All Worlds Pro Wrestling
  • Jazz Age
  • Dawnfall
  • A Pirate’s Pleasure
  • A Player’s Heart
  • Souls Unguarded

Hosted Games:

  • The Aegis Saga
  • Unnatural
  • Community College Hero 2
  • The Daily Blackmail
  • Love at Elevation
  • The Porthecrawl Witness

Work examples

Updated Website

More on my portfolio!
Quick links:

Social Media:


Single character illustrations or designs range from $200-300, and extra characters or environments will go for over $200 within the same artwork. This will vary depending on what you want to see in the illustration.

Payments will be through PayPal.

If interested, feel free to message me or email me (! Let me know what you’d like to see and I can give you a quote.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to working with anyone here in the future! \o/


Your work is amazing :slight_smile:

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SO pretty! :blush: Love your work! Good luck.

Aw man, so I’ve actually done business with @defenestratin recently (hi!), and I’ve got to say, if you’re looking for an illustrator who is both punctual and involves you in their creative process, you should definitely considering hiring their services! :smile_cat:

I got an illustration done for a short story of mine and, let me tell you, if one of your concerns happens to be pouring money in without being sure of what you’re getting, you don’t need to worry about that. You won’t get charged until you’re satisfied with the initial draft, and even then, @defenestratin is pretty accommodating when it comes to changes, minor or major. It’s been a few weeks and I still get giddy when I look at what I ordered~


Oh wow, your art is really amazing :open_mouth:
Really lovely! I would order if I could, but money is not really something I have right now. (sighs)
But one day, I will order! :smiley:

Beside that, really lovely. I have seen your art on I think Deviantart or tumblr before, and saw a comic strip of your Character from Heroes Rise and Jury. Gosh, I laughed at that XD
Really brilliant ^^
Keep up the great work!

Ahhhh thank you so much!! I’ll be around for a while and I don’t think I’ll be limiting the number of commissions I can take, so I’ll be looking forward to it!!!

Thanks, Jean!! I’m still so happy you liked the illustration I did for you- like I’ve told you a million times, it was a LOT of fun to draw! (Bless you for making me draw a background!) You’re fantastic to work with and talk to, too!

Very nice art! Good luck.

And ooh, a webcomic… You should continue it :wink:

Gorgeous work. I especially like the comic panels because I know how hard they are to do. This is the kind of art, that if used for a game’s platform icons, should definitely increase sales, or at least encourage more downloads.

If I didn’t have a returning artist for CCH, I would totally see your style as a great match for my story.

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Thank you!

And oh man, I’ve been meaning to update Dredge (I’ve got five weeks’ worth of pages) but I have to migrate everything to Tapastic and work on more buffer pages. Hopefully I can at least get back to it during the summer or so!

Thank you so much!!!
And yes, I agree! While comics are a ton of work, they have a lot of value from a marketing standpoint because they’re also great for storytelling and bringing potential readers into the story!

I’ve been meaning to read CCH, actually! I should get to doing that very soon.

Thank you for your interest, Eric!

Highkey real-quick gonna jump on the “definitely hire this person” plugging bandwagon–also a previous commissioner and also had a really awesome experience.

Don’t think I can superly add to what Lithophene said (except maybe tossing out that Sou has on top of being a pleasure to get art from has given me a lot of really awesome tips for my own work) but like in the ratio of quality of art to how much input, discussion, general quality of communication, I’d DEFINITELY say that Adrienne has been my favorite artist to commission! Highly recommended

Great art! I like that the technique nicely straddles the line of anime/western and I suppose could move either way depending on the commission.

Ah man, that’s such lovely art! I’m thinking of making a game myself and I would totally hire you. Except that my currency is about four times worthless than dollar. Making the character design 200$ and aditional things 400$. Such a shame. I do plan to live in U.S.A one day so, maybe in the future!

Thank you so much, Gloves! ;_; I really enjoyed working with you too! You’re always so sweet and great to talk to communicate with, and drawing Njordr and Oli was incredibly fun! Cheers!

Thank you!
I have strong influences from both Manga and Western styles, so my work is kind of an in between! I’m flexible in drawing either way according to what the client wants.

Aw, thank you! That’s unfortunate to hear about your currency though! Perhaps we can work together in the future, I’ll be looking forward to it! \o/

Thank you for making something click in my head - full-out anime in the standard pointy-hair, sweat bead, blush rectangle style gives me hives, but manga art I do usually like…at least what I’ve seen seems not consistently so exaggerated.

It depends, I think! I get where you’re coming from though. I draw some artistic inspiration from Tiger & Bunny (favorite of all time for me!) which actually has very strong Western style influences! In terms of manga, I love the work in One Punch Man, Lone Wolf and Cub, Vagabond, among other series.


Oh my gob! your art is drooltastical :heart_eyes: