Frantic beta test request for IF Comp cat breeding game (v fun and light)

My game is “Fine Felines”. It’s super G-rated (no sex—cats are bred off-screen and human romances only kiss—no violence, no gross injuries, no death). The only ‘darkness’ in it is that the PC’s mum died recently after a long illness, and the PC discovers in-game that they have a chronic illness (fibromyalgia, like mine).

There are many adorable cat pictures, a few of which were sourced right here on the forum.

I reckon it takes about 1.5 hours to play through.

It has a LOT of boolean variables (eg how many kittens each cat has) so there’s a lot of scope for obscure bugs that outlast the autotests.

Because I’m entering it in the IF Comp (due 28 September, lolz) I have to send the dashingdon link to beta testers directly. Please PM me if you want to play (if you can’t finish it before 28 September I’ll still be grateful for feedback).

I plan to add two more breeds (Lynx-point Siamese and Sphinx) after the comp and then submit the post-comp version as a Hosted Game.


I don’t know if I’d be any good as a beta tester, but I just want to say that this game sounds amazing and I look forward to seeing it in Hosted Games.


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