Fox of Sunholt (WIP)

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I absolutely adore this game and look forward to a complete game. Keep up the amazing work!
I can’t decide between Adelaide, Mars, and Yoon. All the characters are so unique.

Probably unimportant but this is how I imagine my male MC looking:


I came back to the forums because I remembered this game and wondered what happened to it. I’m excited to hear it’s coming back next month, and we get two new ROs! I’ve looked around the tumblr a bit but can’t find any real info on either of them, namely Ithis. Are we allowed to know more about them or would that spoil things?

There’s some good amount of info on the tumblr blog but there’s just a lot of other content overshadowing it. If you’re specifically looking for info on Seven there’s a tag on the blog you can click on and browse content related to Seven (assuming this is who you’re talking about since Seven is the newest RO but not the newest character). But yeah Seven is this mysterious spoilery character so I guess we’re gonna have to find out lol. Also, I don’t know if I’ve missed anything, but we don’t have two new ROs. The second character is our sibling.

Yeah there is, Ithis is the other RO that changes gender like Seven.

Above is right, I’m not sure they’ll be a full RO but they’re not the sibling. The tags on this post say: “this is a character whose gender depends on your characters preference because theres a lot of weird sexual tension i accidentally put in”.

Tumblr is a PITA for me to navigate but what I’ve gathered on Seven(th) is they’re a fey-gryphon, they come in later on in the story, and they’re very mysterious :thinking: I remember seeing little character bios for the other ones somewhere but these two don’t have any. Not that I can find at least.

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Seven’s been a RO for a while tho, since before the rewrite—they were the secret RO :slightly_smiling_face: The only new one is Ithis? And I’m not sure they’re even confirmed as a RO, I think they’re just like a fling/side romance thing?

How dare you,compliment me,meet me at Arby’s,will fight you,

No the fox form is a literal fox—i honestly have no idea what I intended to use that variable for, I’m sure in my brain it must have made sense at the time but it really doesn’t now.

:’) thank you! And thank you to everyone else who’s ever commented in here!

And allow me to clarify about those other two characters there! (And sorry about Tumblr being a real mess, I keep trying to be more organized with tags but it never works out—at some point I’ll make official character + lore cards but not until more things are set in stone)

Seven (or Seventh, because they’re the seventh RO) is…an RO. They do have slightly less content than the other six, and is “harder” to trigger the romance for but they’re there! The gender changes depending on what your character is into, otherwise there’s a basic choice of male, female, nb. I think I’ve mentioned before that they are a Gryphon, in a similar way to how Yoon is a Kumiho.

Then there’s Ithis, a character I combined other characters into. They’re…kind of a romance? As per now there’s not a full romantic route for them, but you can flirt and show interest in them (and it is attention they return) but…for reasons, they’re not a full romance. They’re also Fey, and like Seventh, the gender changes.

If you have any more questions, let me know! Always happy to answer them! And hope you guys are all having a good day!



just accept it!!! you cant mcfite all of us!!!


Its gonna come right on time for my birthday. So excited!!! :ok_hand::ok_hand: I absolutely love this!

Let’s raid Smod’s inbox with love and support, she can’t stop all of us.


Thanks for answering!

So I saw some things about there being potential flings we could have, would Ithis fall under this category? I’m jw if this is gonna be more than a flirting thing since they get their own picture.

I didn’t mean your page specifically, Tumblr in general is hard for me to use lol. Everyone has a different theme with different features, sometimes certain things don’t work, things are poorly labeled/not labeled at all, everything being condensed weirdly, etc. I actually really like your layout, it’s nice and organized despite a few missing tags here and there which is understandable.

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Oh I relate to this! I mainly use mobile so blog themes are really messed up. It’s hard to navigate so bless those blogs who use the default theme or a mobile browser friendly theme!