FoM: How do you flirt with Chiara?! How do you write to Senator Bailey?

I’ve been trying to figure these out on my own for some several days, but to no avail :cry:
What kind of vampires IS the Senator of New Orleans (aka Chiara Santagostino) romantically interested in? Most of the times she just downright rejects my flirtations, or simply shows appreciation for supporting Stone. :frowning:
I’m trying so hard to find a common denominator, but it’s almost impossible since I had only so few cases where the flirting worked out. Is it that she’s strictly heterosexual?! Is it that she only likes Catholic vicars?! Does she not like vampires with high Status?! Should I be more creative/ discrete/ confident with my advances?! :cry: :cry: :cry:

And also, my more important question is this: why can’t I get to write to Senator Bailey & Partridge in most of my games? I talk to them once, I talk to them twice, I sometimes just don’t talk to them at all… But their names just won’t appear on my letter-writing options most of the times. I can’t even ask Carothers or other people for their address!

If anyone could help me with these questions, I’d be immensely grateful!

PS: I should probably post this in the customization request thread too, but there were a quite a number of cases where I couldn’t write to people who handed me their address… Ms. Santagostino and Ms. Coffin usually, I think.

Also, I am curious as to why I don’t have the addresses of people who I interacted with in the earlier stages of the game. Like, how you ‘exchange a brief back-and-forth’ with random Senators when you seek to improve your status? I always thought that meant letter corresponding…

Finally, just one more question! Is it possible to browse the codes for FoM? I used to go to in the first game, but it seems that some scenes in FoM is missing there. Or maybe I’m really not good at choosing the right keywords, even with a Ctrl+F.

I hope the questions don’t sound too dumb-- I don’t speak English very well. Anyways, thanks for reading!