Fleeing Orvilla while remaing in contnact with your allies


is there any way of fleeing Orvilla while remaining in contact with your close allies ?


No. Fleeing Orovilla is a sucker’s game.


Don’t you get caught if you flee, but remain in contact? I think I tried it once, and I stayed in contact with de Vega, and it went pear-shaped.


If you remain in contact, you get caught. If you sever all contact, you spend a while living in fear and then die of a disease or something. So it really doesn’t go well, no matter what you do. Best to just kill the Monarch somehow or another.


@weijiangling - That is so cheerful. :stuck_out_tongue: I usually kill the king by poison, I actually found it quite sad.


If you flee Orovilla, you can’t survive because you went outside of the scope of the narrative. The Queen (and Tomas) have to be overthrown one way or another, but you can no longer have any means of affecting this, so the fever serves as a plot reaper of sorts.


@ErinRosado - Isn’t it though? :stuck_out_tongue:


@Ramidel - I wonder how they find out, if you keep in contact with an ally. *dramatic* My Luis would never betray me! (I know I’m thinking too much, taking this all far too seriously, but let me have my moment!) Fleeing is actually pretty boring.


@ErinRosado - Luis would never betray you, but that doesn’t mean he was never being watched.


@weijiangling - Yes, my thoughts exactly. I like how we’re on first name terms with him, as well. :smiley: