Hey there! This is the very first chapter of my super erotic game called Flaming Love.

In this game you are a girl who happens to be a huge pervert. (I am not allowing the option of a male gender, because then I’d have to write all the sex scenes twice, and that would be annoying. Also, no lesbian action. Why? Because quite frankly, I’m writing mostly about the stuff that turns me on, and I just don’t find that stuff erotic. DON’T FREAKIN’ COMPLAIN.)

So where were we? Oh yeah, perverted girl. So this super perverted girl somehow lands a job as a song writer. She ends up writing songs for two different pairs of boys. The older and more mature pair are Kevin (19) and Blake (20). The younger and cuter pair are Alois (18) and Lucas (18). She’s 20, by the way.

The story revolves around her relationship with the boys. It can go in quite a lot of different directions. There might be some sort of half-hearted conflict here and there, but mostly it’s just gonna be sex.

Some features that make my game special.

First of all, each guy has two different stats to manage their relationship with you. One is how they feel about you, and the other is how you feel about them. So you can end up in an unrequited love, or you can have a guy you have no interest in chasing after you! Also, the game remembers if you’ve confessed your love, so you can actually be in love but pretend you have no interest in that boy. So yeah, you can play hard to get. Or you can confess your love, but not be in love. So you can play around with their feelings too.

Second of all, there is an extensive character creation system at the beginning, and certain looks can actually affect how people initially react to you! Woah! Awesome, right?

Also, there’s SEX.

So. Much. SEX.

Also, with so many options and paths planned, and only a little bit written so far, it’s probably gonna take, like, ten years to write. Or something.

So just watch some porn in the meantime, I guess.

For smexy times click here.


Are the sentences smooth? Yes.
Does the writing convey a strong tone? Yes.
Is the subject matter going to trigger some of our more sensitive forum residents? Yes.

I’m nowhere near your target demographic, but you have my respect. Good luck out there!



I can tell this is going to go over really well on this forum…

But assuming you’re being serious, good luck!


Wow. Intriguing topic there. You got solid on the plot and grammar! I love how the tone just immediately suck me into the story. But if you are serious about this cog (like selling it upon completion and etc.) It may be a good idea to include gender options. I know it is a lot of work and some creators just copy & paste and change the gender of the words, if that might be an option for you. Anyway I love it and hope to see more of it!

Hey, I don’t mind a good flick here and there, but you lost me at:

Yeah. No.

For what it’s worth, the game is ambitious in its own right.
It is unabashedly, proudly crude in its dark humor.

But, I usually tend to agree with the Bro Code:
Discussing smut with your homies is awkward.

Good luck and all the best wishes, but you probably won’t see my ass back in here.


Well, the Wizard’s Choice game series got away with it, so I figured I probably can as well. And if I was going to make a male option, I would definitely not just copy and paste. I would try to really highlight what it would be like for two males in a sexual relationship. And besides, I’m not really doing this for the money anyway. It’s a nice bonus, but really I just want to entertain people with my writing.

And for those who want boy on boy action, there will actually be some. (Optional of course.) Let’s just put it this way, Alois and Lucas really like each other.

Played the demo. Good but short. How will the character creation affect the game? Do some love interests have preferences, or will the character’s clothes come into play at certain segments of the game?

I don’t want to have it affect the game too much. Like, I want you to be able to dress as you want and still be able to nab any character you want. I was thinking that when you first meet characters and at certain other points they’ll just make a comment on your appearance. Not a huge thing, really, just some nice flavor text.


Aw… I was hoping having large breasts while wearing a tight shirt would pay off. heheh

All kidding aside, I look forward to more.

What did I just read .-.

16 is legal in Britain

Sounds different, I am looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Well then, this story is moving to the UK!


Just gonna say - I’m pretty sure you won’t be allowed to sell this. Apple and Android markets ban apps for much less, and the Hosted Games requirments say something like “…and that the game is not highly offensive.”

Plenty of people will consider gratuitous sex of the type you describe highly offensive. Doesn’t matter what you think, just what they think. If you want to write it knowing this in advance, good luck to you. I won’t be revisiting this thread though.

I kinda figured that wold probably be the case. But, I’m a bad ass, so who cares?


16 is also legal in Australia.

Truthfully I’m kinda off put by the “16 year old” thing… but I’ll probably give it a shot anyway since your writing style seems really fun! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you can’t sell it here, nothing stopping you making your own website and selling it there or using something like Patreon. Though I’m not sure if Patreon does one off payments.

I look at it as a “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” thing. I just don’t care personally if people choose to :smile:

Interesting prospect. Add a male option allow us to choose our last name and give us the option to call the cops on this asshole boyfriend and I’m in.