First WIP, gauging interest, Space Western

Hey @Rude, welcome to the forum :blush:
Just so you know, I flagged your post for bumping an old WiP thread – it’s in the forum rules that you aren’t supposed to reply to a game thread that’s been inactive for more than three months. Mostly just because it’s unclear whether the author’s still continuing this idea and you don’t want to bug them by drawing attention to a discontinued project. It’s a common newcomer mistake and you certainly aren’t the first.

As for the Serenity-like sci-fi you’re looking for, there are a lot of more recent threads that are still updating! (As well as what looks like a second thread for this game here)

A Thousand Miles of Sky is probably closest to what you’re looking for:

Nuclear-Powered Toaster has the option to play as the smuggler Alexei with a cranky AI ship (author doesn’t have such a convenient summary for me to quote)

I haven’t kept up with The Operative lately, but it could fit what you’re looking for. You’d be playing a character a little like, well, the operative in Serenity, a spy/soldier working for an interstellar government.

And, um, my own WiP might suit you. :blush::smirk: The Seventeenth Spy actually started as a concept for an (Old Republic) Star Wars story I decided to create my own universe for. I tend to think of it as ‘Star Wars minus the force,’ though it’s been gaining more of a Firefly flavor as I work on it. Again, you’d be playing as a spy in this setting.

(If you’re going to turn this into a longer conversation about sci-fi, we should probably start a new thread – I almost just went for it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)