@Fiogan is now a moderator :nonbinary_flag:


@Fiogan has just been added as the newest member of our moderation team.


Congrats @Fiogan!
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Congratulations! May you have a humble and just reign bows


Yay. Congrats :smile:


Thanks all—I’ll do my best to help out! I love CoG, the community, and the forums, and I’m looking forward to being about for, I hope, a good long while more. ^^


Woo, congratulations! :slight_smile:


grats on the mod status


Congrats on becoming a mod, Fiogan!!!


Yay! Congratulations!


A lot of us desire you to be around for a long time more as well.

congrats - ttyl.


Gratz Fio :slight_smile:


We don’t deserve Fiogan as a moderator :sob::sob::sob:


Can’t say I didn’t see this coming a mile away, hell, it’s about time! Congratulations @Fiogan.



FABULOUS news! Congrats Fiogan!


Hah! You deserve it! It’s wonderful news! :tada:

Yay! Félicitations ! :fr:


A great choice, Fiogan’s been a big help to a lot of users.



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I am a little concerned that @Fiogan may have bamboozled us over a period of many years, appearing to be reasonable and thoughtful, with a keen eye for detail, but all in a Machiavellian effort to grab the reins of power.

And it worked.


Yay! Congrats. As so many have pointed out, it’s well deserved. :grinning: