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I’ve begun work on my new game Fingertips (title subject to change). In it, you play as an amnesiac with general anxiety (currently they/them pronouns only, but hope to extend this later), and have to find a way out of the abandoned theme park you woke up in with four other people.

Currently there’s only two chapters, not more than a prologue really, about 2500 words depending on your choices. I plan on updating at least once a week as I have time to write more.

To play the demo, go here:

I’m new to writing interactive fiction (and kind of writing in general…) So I’m really welcoming any and all constructive criticism. After all, I want people to enjoy reading this. And of course, let me know if something in the game is broken, typos, etc.

Let me know what you think! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


So I played the demo, and the main character is pretty much Dante from Limbus company.

Or at least has that same aura of well meaning patheticness as Dante from Limbus company.

Not a critique mind you, just an observation.

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6/5, my first update! Really what I’ve done is flesh out chapter 2 (I think I more than doubled my word count), and I have a clear plan for chapter 3 which I hope to finish next weekend. If you happen to reread my little prologue and find your favorite scene is missing–don’t worry. It’s coming back, and I promise it’ll be even better this time.

Thanks again to everyone who has read this so far and given it a like!

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