Getting into character


If I’m going to write for a detective, I may as well act like a detective. A little sneak peak of my thought process behind my current project.


What is that you’ve written on? Looks like a collection of placemats.

Sounds fun though, hope there’s not any spoilers to be spotted on there. Don’t want to ruin the mystery before I get a chance to play it.

I’ve not seen a thread about your game yet, is there anything more you can tell us about it yet?


wow! that’s great seeing your plans in action. good luck Miss Nancy Drew :smiley:


It looks like tiled whiteboards, which I think is a product, hopefully the OP will explain!

We won’t worry until it starts getting done with thread and thumbtacks and pictures like in the movies! :slight_smile:


Ha ha, thanks for the kind words, folks. I’m staying really tight-lipped about my first project because I can only really throw bits and pieces of free time at it. I don’t want to set any expectations that I may find myself unable to meet in the future.

I was going to just buy one big whiteboard, but all Walmart had were these six 14x14 silver ones. Now my bedroom wall looks like some sort of control center from a 1950s sci-fi flick.

The sad part is I already had enough cork board, thumbtacks, and string to really go private eye, just from leftover miniature terrain supplies. I decided not to look like a total nutcase though. :wink:


I’ve got a ton of respect for mysteries and I think interactive fiction is a fantastic platform for them. I wrote a bit about them in particular on my blog here. Looking forward to your game’s future release!


I’m actually trying to brainstorm my own ideas and whilst it won’t be for a mystery, I like the idea of a mind map (:


even i didn’t get my first priority project on real form, i think another plotline for fiction story hahaha


If you feel inspired to dress it up, the strings and cut-out pictures might be fun to add. Looking mad is half the fun of the process.


I like mystery’s to solve. Its sounds fun And hope there is not any spoilers to be spotted.