Fief -- a manor-mangement sim


You know, Jim, my next step is going to be to get my head around *param. It scares me, but I suspect that I could use it to clean up some of my code. You might inspire me to finally do it.


Your subs.txt could use some params but really, it won’t simplify much code.

On that note, to anyone who wants to know how to make a CS game, study Jason’s code. Even just the first scene shows the way to build choices using fairmath.


Frankly all I have to go by is the information from history class which is pretty general. Salt towns were rich, wars were waged over salt, at certain times salt was worth its weight in gold. All of which os void if you have an ocean and a Mediterranean climate.

Something else that occurred to me with surplus goods and salt though. You could always make food preservation a worthwhile mechanic, allowing players to brace for bad days. Or indeed make acquiring an independent supply of salt a major plot point.

You think Laird is too… strong of a term? No idea how large those freeholds are.


This game could benefit from a glossary.


Laird is the equivalent of a thornet, not a yeoman. If I read Wikipedia right, a yeoman is at least three ranks below a laird (laird - squire - gentleman - yeoman).


It’s the second page of the stats screen.


Am I braindead or something


@jasonstevanhill I played through… 20-someodd “years” and wasn’t able to “unlock” the option to ransom back the family sword or swear fealty.
I culled the animals I had to, kept what I could, paid off all my debt every year, improved the road to the capital (figured it would help with the economy like in Lords of Aswick [option to improve the road to the manor never unlocked]). The whole time I lived like a peasant. NO SHAME!!

So question… I know that this is a WiP, but how early on is this (I saw that this is like a week in development so it’s obviously not a Beta)…
Secondly, are we currently able to ransom back our sword AND swear fealty to the crown?


No, I haven’t even started on ransoming the sword back.

Right now, I’m mostly trying to work out the kinks in the math. Having other eyes on that is what’s helpful, like Fiogan pointing out the problem with pigs, or Spire challenging the price of salt.

I need to get the math/algorithms right before I start on the story. Any story I’ve added is just the bare minimum to make the math run.


But isn’t Laird a non-herditary title? That’s just not the impression I got from the introduction to the setting but I admit that my own understanding of what a Laird is is somewhat limited. I took them to be people with some of the traits and privileges of noblity while still being commoners. Ie. they own tracts of land and may have tennants. With our father being a landed knight I did however presume our family to be proper if lowly nobility.

Specifically thornet seemed to relate to thorne as baronet to baron, at least etymologically speaking. Even if the relationship doesn’t seem the same. But this might just serve as an example as to how easily people infer the wrong thing if they’re not paying enough attention.

But that still leaves you short a term either which way. We are looking at peasants who own the land they work, yes? How autonomous are they? I was considering ‘thornlet’ to propagate the scheme further by simultaneously patronizing them as ‘minors’. Alternatively you could work backwards from what they represent. Were their ancestors serfs that somehow earned autonomy? Are they descendants of a separate group of people who were never subject to serfdom (eg. invaders such as Danes in old Britain or workers who were imported for a specific task such as Germans in Siesia)?


Just to double-check on that note.

Going all out and living the good life last time around I made a net gain of about 2k-2.5k per year.

Living on the bare minimum I make about 25k-30k a year.

That’s an estinated 1100% of a difference.

A healthy human being in the modern day needs about 3500 to 4000 calories a day to thrive, depending on physical activity. 2000 calories a day is already a caloric deficiency aka a diet for most adults. If I were to roughly set the jump from subsistence to luxury at 100% then I wonder what the other 1000% are used for. Mostly because it’s not explicitly said. I’d assume it means more heated rooms in the winter, higher quality of food etc.

Luxury being 11 times as expensive as subsistence doesn’t even seem so far off but it might also invite min-maxing behaviour. One year of threadbare existence would probably cover all of our financial needs for the next decade if splendor and dazzled dignitaries. This might require either some adjustment or a heavy penalty.


No, the math is all screwed up right now. The change in the price of salt necessitated a change in the price of meat, which is now producing a huge surplus.

So, it’s just (logically) broken at the moment. The net gain at the highest living standard should not be 2k/year right now.

Working on it.


Possibly! I played a dozen years before my initial post and just started a new game to see the differences.

Also yay for being able to plant root vegetables now! My war pigs shall crush the thorne’s wooden palisade and his fiefdom shall be mine!

Edit: Checked and what do you know, even luxury now yields 25k a year. Not all good but the relation between both lifestyles is at least healthy.


I have no idea how this happened… Is this a result of the math being wonky right now?

Cabbage: 0 bushels
Chestnuts: 13 bushels
Cider: 675 gallons
Winter Squash: 7.5 bushels

Fish: 589.5 lbs
Lambskin: 140 square feet
Leather: 398.20000000000005 square feet
Pickled Eggs: 5602
Meat: 5701 pounds
Wheels: 318 @ 10 lbs/ea
Wool: 135 pounds

edit: this was in the selling surplus post season report

edit2: I’m also stuck in some kind of landless population boom. Right now it’s telling me I need 36 more houses for them. At the rate of 1 a year… it’s gonna be a while guys.


Just pushed a new version that should give better (to my eye) income results.

I haven’t touched the population mechanics in days. Can you post a screenshot?

Two screenshots, one is the report and one is from the stats screen

In case it’s tied to food supply or something, I do have a completely silly amount of wheat due to the previous mechanics. Like almost 400k bushels.


I’m absolutely loving it so far! what are the requirements for knighthood? Is the end goal to manage the estate enough to successfully pull off all the goals of the year? What is the game open up more when your knighted got your father sword back?


I do wonder can you set up a reference guy of the hierarchy so we have an idea were we are at on it. How old going on a pilgrimage help later In The story?


I got this kind of error, just after burying your father, when clicking “begin”


Sorry, that should be fixed now.