Feirons justice

Hello I have a idea of a game I am considering putting out there it’s called fierons justice. However I would appreciate your input
Okay so you play a Feiron noble which is are a Viking society and they have the ability to partially shift into a animal. As a noble however you have the ability to choose your animal and you can do a full shift into the animal . The other lands are Malko Bar is and Palkto. Palkto is the outcast land it’s where you are sent when you have done serious crimes. Malko is a very much a Spartan society with the people who are able to to speak and control elementals most people can only control one or two. There is no real nobility it’s all elected positions Bados has a nomadic people who augment their bodies through potions and salves. There are three castes the Chous warriors,scouts who mainly get strength speed and agility augments with some strategy the Magas who are the potion makers who are not allowed to get augmented. And the Bados. The leaders of each tribe. Mostly intelligence and strategy augments with a little strength and speed. Those are the people. Tell me what you guys think of the people and I will explain the plot some more. the animal choices are a raven, a Grizzly bear, a stag, a bullshark, and a jaguar. Update 2/2/15 so I have zero coding skills and am currently learning how too. So a demo is a couple of weeks away. However to add to the story. How you choose your animal is at age 16 you are on the main road with your father to sell the goods you grow on your family’s modest estate when Palkto mercenaries attack your wagon your father is wounded and you sense that five of the mercenaries are former Feirons You must choose one of their animals and partial shift and help defend your father and freemen workers from them


You’re not allowed to ask for a coder.

If you need help learning to code then there’s a number of threads on the topic. There’s also help on the main site, https://www.choiceofgames.com/make-your-own-games/choicescript-intro/ and the wiki choicescriptdev.wikia.com

You could also check out the tool that was built to help. [Tool] Chronicler - ChoiceScript Visual Code Editor

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Was not aware of that thank you I will alter the message to the second request only

What is the game about?

*edit: sounds coolio, hope to see a demo

As Doctor already said, some information about the game, story, would be nice.

Sounds like you have some good ideas. Just have to build, build build on them!

Thank you. the main reason I put this out here is to make sure I am not using other peoples stuff so if it reminds you of anyones please let me know so I can change it

Nope; completely original, I believe.

Woo Vikings what animals will be on the shift list

I am debating on several. Raven will be one obviously I don’t know if I want to do wolf because I feel like it has just been done so much you know? Grizzly bear will be one. As will stag

@Fenris20, how about squids? Not overdone if you ask me. You could do mammoths, they’re fairly badass

Interesting I was thinking about mammoths actually.

As for squids wouldn’t they have to be in the water during a shift?

Just some suggestions: owl, dragon, lynx, sea serpent, wolverine, fox

@Fenris20: Small details like that are all on you. I can imagine land dwelling squids

I choose bullshark instead because they can be in both sea and salt water something which I think will be very helpful later on

I really like the premise and would love to see a demo available when you can. One thing id like to ask however, is how are you going to incorporate the shifting? Will it be a mechanic where you can shift whenever you want, or will it be more progressive as in you can choose when to shift at different parts of the story?

Mm we’ll you will only need to shift at certain parts of the story however I plan to let you choose if you want to do a full shift or a partial shift edit. Or use some other skill that you have practiced.

Personally I am looking forward to impaling people on my antlers as a stag