February 2022's Writer Support Thread

I think that, for starters, it’s important to point out that there’s absolutely no issue in taking a break to recuperate from bad stuff that you’re going/have gone through.

To continue, I think it’s also important* to point out that:

  • people who don’t like something are going to be louder than people who do; nobody notices when things go RIGHT. So if you’re using a trope that you see 10 people in the forum saying they hate, there’s probably like 50 buggers who really love it; and

  • there’s literally nothing anybody can do that nobody is going to hate.

So on the whole, you might as well say “screw the haters, I have lovers” and DO, girl!

I wish your bf a speedy and full recovery!

*It’s not even 10 pm, how did it take me THREE TRIES to write “important” correctly?!


Damn I can hard relate to this post, I have a story stopping bug inserted in the middle of my demo I fixed a few weeks back only so players won’t realize how stealted and unrealistic my dialogue writing is.

All I have really achieved this week is working rearenging furniture in my room twice a day and drawing things I keep promising myself will eventually find a place in my wip to no means.

All I can really say is that my wip means something to me, as yours does for you. All we can really hope is that we’ll see our piece of resistance accomplished in some form.


Here I am with half the month passed by already.

I have done a lot of work on this project, which I am very happy with, although the results I can show do not represent the work I have done this month.

I do believe it is, yes.

One of the objectives of this monthly thread is to build a positive space, one where negativity and toxicity is kept out.

I hope this helps create a place to help us all keep at it, no matter the trials and tribulations involved.


A tad late but Happy Valentine’s day, everyone. I’m in a romantic mood. I think I’ll play Belle de Nuit :heart:

Ok I’ve played though a couple of chapters. I don’t like Amaryllis. She feels like the type to butt into any situation where she isn’t the center of attention.


Of course, it’s worth it!

I’m looking forward to reading your story! The important thing is writing and becoming a better person while doing so.

The million dollars earned afterward publishing a CoG story are a mere coincidence. :wink: Nobody wants them, but everyone wants to become a better person by writing!


Okay, I can’t hold it anymore inside: my wife wants to divorce me. :sob:

I can’t say how much I feel heartbroken. :broken_heart: What will happen to my kids? What will happen to my life? Will I be able to carry on?

I know I shouldn’t burden you with all of this. I should be firm and SUPPORT you all instead of weeping.

But today, I can’t do it. Sorry, people, if I’m not the usual “supporter” today.

The only thing I can think about is: thank you, everybody, for creating this “safe space” here. And thank you, “Lady Writing,” for allowing me to have a “safe haven” where to go in these troubled times.

Peace and love to everyone. :heart:


I am so sorry to hear that. That is so sad. Best wishes for you and your kids.


Hope you’re okay. Take care and thank you for your tireless support


I hope you’ll be okay. It may not be much consolation now, but know that children can be better off with divorced parents than with parents who are together but don’t want to be. I’d even say they often are.

For yourself, just remember that you can survive. Only one person is the keystone to your life, and it isn’t your wife, it’s you. Get through this, and no matter how broken and less than whole you feel, there’ll be a way back.


…and then I got covid-19.

I was sick for about a week, and since I got better, I’ve been focusing on catching up on chores that I’d been putting off while I was ill. February is not destined to be the productivity wonderland that I’d imagined.


It’s ok to need support too, Gil. This is one of the hardest things in life. Be gentle to yourself and look to friends (online and in real life) for the encouragement you need.


Hang in there. I’m always happy with the support that the forums give. I hear about negative vibes around here, but when it matters, I think people are pretty good.

I’m still working hard on Daria: A Kingdom Simulator.

Still coding and writing the story at the same time. I’ll definitely be doing this until the end of February and likely all of March too.

Well, my wife just tested positive for COVID. Stuffy nose, congestion, and itchy throat. She’ll be fine. It’s a nice mild case. I did the test, negative so far. But, it means that the kids and I have been sent home to isolate.

So, for now, I get some extra writing time. :slight_smile:


Just a reminder, for someone to hate something means they have to feel very, very strongly about whatever it is, which means they would need to be invested in the story to begin with. So if people hate a game, that means it was written well enough for people to give the time of day and constantly think about, which also means there’s people out there that love the game on the opposite end of things.


Daria is the kingdom from The Lost Heir, correct?


Yes, same place.


Best wishes, @Gilbert_Gallo; I hope everything works out as well as it can, in a situation like that.

Mid-Feb release date was met, and so far so good on the rest of my goals, but man does life really feel like a slog lately. Just gotta keep at it, I guess.


February hasn’t been kind to many people on here huh? Best wishes to everyone on here.

On a brighter note, I somehow managed to complete ch. 3 of my wip ahead of my monthly goal. I didn’t expect for that to happen. I can’t stop now though, so on to ch. 4!


I am waaay behind target. Hard for me to say no to some of the day job stuff that keeps popping up. But I’ll try to catch up in the second half of the month as best I can…


It’s almost like you like being able to pay your bills or something. Weirdo. :thinking:


Thank you everyone for your support. It really means a lot to me.

I really believe this is a safe and special place that soothes my soul. :heart:

Again, thank you everybody for your love.

And now, get back to writing,folks! Those games won’t write themselves!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: