February 2021's Writer's Support Thread

@poison_mara If you don’t want to write romances, don’t write romances. That’s no reason to stop writing altogether. I avoid writing things I hate (think the 1800s romance where touching a hand was scandalous and romances that take 3 million freaking words before they finally kiss… no thank you!). If you want to write only one kind of romance, then write that and call it a day. If people don’t like it, they can go elsewhere.

But the one thing I don’t think you realize is that there is a large group around here that does not like romance in their games. They complain about it and avoid games with romance because that’s just how much they detest it.

Like @Ellery said, you can focus on the MC developing friendships as an alternative. Honestly, I think the thing that’s drawing everyone to ‘romance’ games is the deeper human interaction between characters. I played several games where, despite having a ‘party’ (so to speak), by the time I finished the game, I didn’t really have a clue who they were. The interactions were shallow and they weren’t completely fleshed out, in my opinion. The romance-centered games allow for more interaction and give MCs a chance to get to know the NPCs–and that is a breath of fresh air, romances aside.

The bottom line is that you have to write what you love. If you do otherwise, it will show in your writing. You also have to remember that you won’t appeal to everyone and that is okay. Even if you only affect a small group of people, that is a good thing. If we can entertain or bring a couple hours of joy to anyone while doing something we love, then we should feel good about that.

To each their own. I despise what most people refer to as slow-burn (i.e., dragged out for no reason that makes sense for two or three or however many consenting adults). Reading that makes me want to smash things. It can be done well, but I have rarely seen that. Instead, I see a bunch of angsty high school bullshit from grown adults and it is nauseating. I tend to like the romances that progress naturally and it’s a them against outside forces instead of them against each other (or themselves). Unless there is some deep-seeded emotional trauma for one of them to explain it (see I, the Forgotten One) or unless all involved parties are extremely introverted, then there’s no need for a bunch of childish crap. /end rant

@Ellery I’d vote for idea #2. It isn’t often I’ve seen things start out with the potential ROs already being friends with the MC. That cuts through a lot of the ‘get to know you’ crap that takes up most of the game because you can establish who each RO is as the MC knows them. I think the only thing you’d have to be careful with is deciding ahead of time how the MC feels about them. But if you show who they are, what they’re about, and what sort of personality they each have, and give the MC a chance to describe what they think of that, I think it’d be gold!


I hope you are well and the winter storms aren’t biting too much.

Reach out if you need a beta tester. I’ll happily give it a playthrough.

Good fortune.

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Lol point taken, I do not enjoy those which use communication issues or misunderstandings with characters that are not emotionally developed enough for a relationship and term those as a slow-burn romance either. I rather like those which have people getting to know the other person enough to like them, and want to share their lives with them in a deeper way, instead of it just based on physical or aesthetical attraction. I won’t go further on it in case I trigger another person into a rant…

When you’re up for it, you can pm me anytime! :3 @LiliArch I’m not sure about how helpful I can be in designing romances for your story, but I plan to first start with discussing what we like about romances in mediums that we know of e.g. movies, books and then proceed from there with your character’s motivations and personality, and the sort of challenges (cough expectations from the ROs themselves towards the MC cough) you would want the reader to experience.

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I’ve already written around 2,000 words today!
I’ve been feeling off the past few days because of this scene that I just can’t seem to properly express, but I found the solution.
An adequate rest really does a lot.


Understood. But you’ve got to give 'em credit for finding 100 different ways to prolong their getting together :slight_smile:


The end of the week approaches but unfortunately, I’ve yet to write much - if any at all. Work has reared its mighty head and free time has been awfully absent ಥ╭╮ಥ


Must sit down and write.
Must not just flick onto Youtube every 5 minutes because it’s too much effort to think of what to write!

Happy Sunday to everyone and good luck with the keyboard today.


I’ve been doing more and more prewriting lately which has been a big help. For anyone struggling with the blank screen I’d suggest giving it a try.

So for example after my days writing session. I will jot down a few beats for a scene along with a few lines of dialogue, description and a few choices. The scene isn’t “written” but it has a skeleton, and some writing. I can do this for a number of scenes in advance.After this prewriting I’ll “sleep” on it, go for walks, mull it over, etc.

The next day I refer to my prewriting notes that I wrote from the night before and “flesh out” those scenes. Then when I’m finished I’ll do my prewriting for the next day and so on.

This way I don’t get blank screen paralysis because it’s always “to be continued”


Thanks for sharing this excellent advice! For myself, I do something similar: I pen out in *comments how I want a scene, and then spend time trying to string it all coherently together.


It’s 11:30 at night and I need sleep. My brain said No and here I am.

Wrote some 200 words tonight, mainly code for the skill selection. I took a pause for a couple of days after I first wrote the initial skill selection since… well I found out that two of my necromancy skills were frankly useless or outright would have broken the game.

True Sight basically allowed the Detective to look into the past for a few moments or a minute. I had thought it would be cool to construct a crime scene based on this ability but it that’s all it was. A cool idea but in practice of the story mechanics (in that this is a detective story) it would’ve rendered actual detectiv-ing useless since you could use this skill and probably figure everything out. Sure I could probably get away with subverting the readers’ expectation once but it wouldn’t work again and the readers would learn not to invest into this skill.

To apply some realism to this world well… I’m pretty sure True Sight would be similar to hearsay in a court case and couldn’t be used as valid evidence in a trial by the prosecution. So out it went.

The second skill was Enthrall. It’s basically what it sounds like. You could enslave ghosts to do your bidding. This one was harder to decide if I wanted to keep it in. Did I want readers to have this option but with consequences (say if you enthrall too many ghosts they come back to haunt you) or no? I couldn’t see myself using this skill if I played through the story and the Summon skill works the exact same way in that you get an entity to assist you.

I thought of maybe including it in and having a maybe cool scene where if you invested in both Enthrall and Summon your entity would help you fight off the ghosts if you treated the entity with kindness. Ultimately though I couldn’t find a good reason to keep it in other than it sounded cool on paper. It just didn’t fit with the whole detective either. Why would the MC who became a detective want to enslave ghosts?

Sure there are exceptions, and not good ones, but I didn’t feel like committing to those paths. They weren’t the story I wanted to tell and if I had attempted to write them I wouldn’t know what to do or where to go.

I didn’t want the necromancy skills to be limited at three so I debated and eventually added in Necrosis which is what it says on the tin.

It’s been a bit weird to take the MC who is a necromancer, something that generally has a lot of negative connotations around them, and make them a “good guy”. Or find spells that aren’t outright screaming “evil”. I’ve definitely had to shuck a lot of the usual associations surrounding necromancers and put my own spin on it while trying to keep true to what they are generally known for.


Really feeling the burnout hard on my current WIP – i think it has the potential to be really good but i’m kind of sick of it. Just a combination of screwing up the code in a way i haven’t yet been able to untangle and feeling like there’s no audience for it. I’ll push through it, but figured this is a thread for yknow, sharing and honesty or w/e


Here we are starting on the last week of the month, and my initial goals remain as elusive as they were at the beginning.

For those of you that watch a show called: Forged in Fire on the History Channel, one of the lessons you learn over time is that reforging blades are often as hard or even harder than creating new blades.

Rewriting is much the same as reforging… taking something you created and then trying to recreate it even better… can be a difficult task to set yourself.

I started rewriting material on the second week of this month … it took me two weeks to finish 10,000 words. That pace is unacceptable when I have 150,000 additional words to rewrite and about 50,000 more original words to create.

So, I really tried setting my focus tight this weekend. I upped the total words rewritten to 23,500… so I’ve set a much better pace, but I am tired… keeping up this increased pace this week will be hard.


Wow, it’s a long time since I type here. I’ve got a computer, that means I can start to write some stuff finally! I’ve tried on a tablet but well it has its own issues…


Btw learned that someone made a module thingy for visual code, let’s roll

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I struggled excessively with connecting my plot from Point A to Point B - but I think I’ve finally found an idea I am (tentatively) satisfied with. This may change in the end - who knows?

But in any case, I’m just glad to finally move beyond this rock that’s been hindering the way forward.


… I can’t believe it’s almost the end of February. I didn’t manage to write two sentences per day, but I wrote a lot more than last month I think.

I published a blurb on the Interest Check thread for the first time. So yay~ I’m going to wait until I have at least the Prologue and at least Chapter One done and polished before I even think about publishing a demo and making a thread. And definitely have it be at least 20k words too…

Dealt with some ups and downs. Can’t wait till spring comes so I can get back to gardening again. I miss it. I miss the mindless yet meditative rhythm of pulling weeds up from the dirt, I miss seeing the little toads hop about and underneath the strawberry plants as I water the garden, and I miss seeing the flowers bloom and the bees (and wasps…) going from flower to flower.

In other news, I had an epiphany and figured that I want to go to law school to become a civil lawyer (not criminal!). I like studying law and it was always something I was deeply passionate about during college.


I’ve started to write character profiles/backstories for my story. (All though I’ve memorised the primary antagonist’s and the secondary antagonist’s motivations) For the heroes/protagonists(or cannon antagonists), I’ll need to do some research - has in watch the source material or look them up on TV tropes. But when I get that done, I’ll send it to the English/mentor group teacher who is helping me out with my story


I now this thread is mostly for emotional support, but since yesterday I’ve been thinking asking some opinions about my wip (traditional novel). I can’t ask to my reader group because I need someone who knows something about tropes.
Is this the right place to ask?

  • If you want a small amount of general advice, then talking about it here is ok.

  • If you want to delve into a deeper dive into tropes, I’d bring up a thread specifically on tropes (there are several you should be able to post in)

  • If you want specific readers from here with trope knowledge… you can make an ask here, or perhaps here:

Hopefully there will be a reader that can help that will respond further, by PM or post.


Thank you. I’ll try Mara’s Workshop. Meanwhile if someone want to help me with “Destiny” and “Chosen One” tropes can send a PM to me, I’ll be very thankfull