Favourite case in Unnatural Season One?

Which was your favourite case(s) in season one of Unnatural? And which ones didn’t you like? Give reasons for both. I’m hoping to use your answers to make the cases in season two the best they can be.

Feel free to mention choices you wish you had in specific cases as well.

Thanks for reading

My favorite case’d be the one you get from the lady whom fiancé got turned into a lycanthrope (forgot her name) after she’s managed to distill a cure for Denise, especially when you make the choices that end up without you killing any of the present werewolfs and lycanthropes.

My least favorite case’d probably be the ghost one. The idea of a case dealing with ghosts (and other lesser known unnaturals) is really interesting, but in this case, since I always had too high a willpower to be affected by the ghost, that case was just really short and uneventful. It’d have been nice to at least have been able to see the ghost, even if it could not directly effect you. So that you could be spooked and all.

As for when saving your brother when you’re an Azure, I really would’ve liked an option to get past the guys behind the barricade without killing (most of) them. Right now the only option for that is when you’ve learned shimmer, which (ironically enough) only happens if you’ve committed the atrocity of absorbing someone’s soul. I just really like to be able to avoid unnecessary kills wherever possible.

Edit nr. 2:
This doesn’t really have to do with the question asked, but will there be a sentient/not completely ruled by its lust for blood vampire in season 2? This far they seem the least humane of all species of unnaturals, especially in contrast with the werewolfs/lycanthropes, which are usually depicted as a lot less refined than the vampires. I could imagine that a sufficiently old vampire’d have a lot better self-control than a recently turned one, making them both potentially much more dangerous and more likable.

Favourite is Fangs for the Memories, feels like we finally bring Stephanie to justice, because she ignited the fuse to everything. Our powers, the S.R.T conspiracy theories and began the events which lead to the bombing of our headquarters. The one thing that bugged me was I felt cheated a little when the explosives triggered prematurely and we didn’t get a ‘final showdown’ feeling. But still, it’s very satisfying when we decide her fate.

Least favourite is trick or treat. It was very anti-climatic either way you go about it. I was expecting personally being able to communicate with the ghost and decide to help it move on it’s own accord or forcefully do it, similar to how Austin traps the ghost in the cross.

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I agree with @Nathan_Faxon about The case with Stephanie. I wanted a final showdown, but the explosions sort of ruined the moment. She was a prime antagonist and the final confrontation left me slightly dissapointrd.
I had no real “favorite” case. Anything close to the sort had to have been the Gremlin case. I thought it was kind of adorable with those mischevious rascals. Maybe one day we could recruit them to help us. I also liked the one where you talk down the M.R.U protest. Not really for excitement, but it gave me the chance to “set the tone” of sorts of how the public views you and by extension the SRT.
Cases I disliked had to be the ghost one. It was short, but not sweet. After doing it once I avoided it all together for being so done so quickly.
Overall I prefer cases that help improve my abilities, rapport with my allies, sway public or monster public opinion of me and my organisation, and especially ones that can have beneficial or detrimental effects in future cases or the main story (personally I just like how decisions I’ve done before can help or hinder me in future events. Ofc not every case can be tied in to everything, but having some that can influence future events in some way mmakes the decisions I make seem even more worthwhile)

Thanks for the replies so far. To respond to some of your points in finer detail.


Trick or treat was originally a much longer case involving the player having to search several floors with the ghost trying to stop you each floor. But as I wrote it I felt like it was dragging way too much so I changed it to vary depending on A) whether your will is high enough and B) whether Austin is with you.

Both S.O.S and Trick or treat are unique cases in where choosing a particular member causes the case to end quickly and easily.

Regarding vampires, there are plans for more sentient vampires in season two specifically the case Buried involves an ancient vampire being uncovered inside a tomb in the Nevada desert. This vampire (no decision yet wheter it’ll be male or female currently toying with the idea its so old the vampire doesn’t regard itself as any gender, it just IS.

I’ll definitely try and work more possibilites for “No kill” playthroughs. You’ll also be pleased to know you can learn Shimmer in season two without consuming a single soul.

@Nathan_Faxon @EmperorHeartless

I have to admit the whole explosion ending the fight before it began was always the plan. Yes its premature, but it shows that the M.R.U basically uses her for their own ends. The explosion is meant to take away your final moment. It’s like the stories where a hero chases down a villain they have been hunting their whole life only to find out the villain is dying and by the time they meet they are hardly a threat anymore. Its meant to force players to decide whether all their characters pent up anger towards her is worth finishing her off when she has fallen so low.

Don’t worry though I intend for the antagonist(s) for season two to go out a lot more spectaculary and allow players to have a final battle worthy of their awesomeness. (I say antagonist(s) because depending on your choices there could actually be more than one :wink: )


Well I guess our reactions and feelings towards the case is exactly what you hoped for :smile: And more than one antagonist you say? Wondering if it’s to do if we are more lenient on Class A unnaturals or not…


If I could have my own army of supernaturals and humans working under me as the supreme Azure fighting against the “other” Azures (I say other cause I’m holding out hope you could join and possibly lead/help lead either side of the Azures) then I’d be perfectly fine with that. hint hint. nudge nudge.

I’m not necessarily asking for a ‘No kill’ playthrough, I’m fine with killing things and/or people if they present a serious threat. It’s just that those guys behind the barricade were no match for an Azure (with four wings even), so it’d have been nice if I’d been able to knock them out or something instead of ripping them to shreds.

Barricade? The first group or the 2nd group that held fellow SRT troops hostage?

The ones you run into when trying to ‘save’ your brother.

Oh. Truth be told I never went that path. Never took any souls until after the M.R.U attack and even then they were imps(?) I believe. I always called the SRT to handle it.

Guess I would say that the Gremlin case was my favorite purely forthe laughs I got from the pilot and nurse names. All I have to say is that Alfred and Dick must be rolling over in their graves! :stuck_out_tongue:

As to my least favorite, probably the same case, because it just felt like there was so much more that could have happened. It just seemed to be a rather abrupt conclusion to dealing with the issue. Was expecting some repercussions on the flight home if you follow where I am going as I didn’t manage to recapture all.