Closed Poll: Favourite Love interest in Unnatural?


So with the update nearly done I thought I’d see who the most popular romance option in season one was.

  • Ashley
  • Austin
  • Craig/Sarah
  • Denise
  • Lakota
  • Scarlet
  • Victor


For me either Denise or Ashley


I personally found Craig/Ashley to be adorable and I’m a sucker for childhood friends-turned-romance…


Victor and Lakota…when I go to Alpha i most surely romance Vicky :wink:


Denise’s popularity makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. No pun intended.


i like denise is better, wolf babes are hotter than human babes


What i want to know is why Marie isn’t a LI. Then I could properly answer this poll.


Denise, hands down. I tried the female romances and hers felt the best. I think its mostly her charackter, even though she is a “monster” she is one of the most likeable of the cast. Pretty much like the Protagonist if you play him nice. Ashley felt a bit hollow, but I can’t say why, every case I took her on , she found a way to do something stupid, that could have influenced me. Scarlett was ,well can’t say much about her, the romance was nice but for me it did not reach the Denise level.


there is also the part where she almost took the mc by force, on an intimate level.


Lakota all the way. Denise was my bestie though. Got to love them faes :blush:


Defintly Scarlet hands down


Could you tell me how do I get Denise? I’ve been trying to get her but she keeps dying


You need at least one point in werewolf lore before joining beta. Then you have the option asking if she’s a lycan or werewolf. This saves her life.


CoG , the only place where asking questions saves lives :sunglasses: