Familiar - Prologue (wip) (update 3/10 - July 3rd)(On hiatus)

This is the prologue of a bigger story. For now, you only get to play the meeting of your owner.

You play as a familiar. You were born, fated to be bound to a single human.

//Familiar and Magi//
(You can choose the gender of your magi)

  • Red Fox, Asa Cavendish - You meet them in a club in Dundee.
  • Snow leopard, Henrikas/Henrika “Henri” Šernas - You meet them while they were hiking in the Himalayas.
  • Blue Peacock, Laurence/Laurel “Lory” Presley - You were born as a pet in the mansion they lived in.
  • Asian Black Water Damselfly, Hyeon Lee - You found them training deep in the mountains of Seol-ak.
  • Indian Cobra, Aftan Lohani - You met them while hunting for rats in their shed.

!!! Trigger warning for Asa/Fox story !!!
10/June/19 - Only the Fox’s story is available for now. Other species will be added later.
15/June/19 - Damselfly’s story is available now!
3/July/19 - Peacock story is available now, but I’ve decided that all origin prologues are only half done.

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/play/respawntheory/familiar/mygame/

// This was done in a two day binge. I’m still writing God Forsaken.

X most locations in the story, such as the gay bar Klozet, is real.
X For those who don’t know the Black Water Damselfly, they look like this: https://youtu.be/T8ZGTt58bu0
They’re native to East Asia, and they’re absolutely beautiful when they’re dancing for their mates.

Do you want your Magi to be romancable?

  • Yes
  • No

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What gender pair are you playing as?

  • Male Familiar, Male Magi
  • Female Familiar, Female Magi
  • Female Familiar, Male Magi
  • Male Familiar, Female Magi

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Yes, something that feature not human MC is automatically my favorite demo. It’s a bit short, but still my favorite. :]


honestly? same


Finally! I can play as a familiar~ Can’t wait for the update!


This looks great!
I always like games with kinda urban fantasy and where you can play as an animal! And this game has both it is really cool!
I really like what you have so far and am looking forward what the other familiars are like and how the Story goes.

I’m sold and my money already prepared! Can’t wait to see more! The accent is really cute by the way.

Aren’t you a time traveler?:crazy_face:

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Choosing the dark amber option gave an error, other then that… i cant WAIT especially for the peacock route

Thanks for pointing that out! I fixed it.

Oh, is it 10/7/19? I always get confused with the order. Being Korean, I usually write 19/07/10.
//Oh wait wait it’s June! I should sleep


Yep, it’s June! I’ll stick with you are a time traveler though(just joking).

And may I ask some details? Sorry if it’s too much, but I’m curious about what will happen in the story, I mean, some brief introductions about your story would be much appreciated.

To be honest, I haven’t planned out much of the rest of the story. As I said, my main wip has to be finished before I start commiting on this one. But the rough outlines are; You get to meet and compete with, or cooperate with all the other magis and their familiars that you can play as.


Sounds cool! So we can meet other ‘we’ and other ‘we’'s magis, much cooler!


Its a very good start to what I think will be a very good story

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Oh, I am intrigued! Everything about exploring unequal relationships and potentially unbalanced power dynamics appeals to me. Also, Asa is a sweetheart and I can’t wait to meet the others.

And I’m kind of already hooked on this setting and want to know everything about it. How rare are familiars? Are there laws protecting them? Etc, etc. Tell me everything, writer person! I am a sucker for solid world building, so I’m looking forward to seeing where the story goes.


Same!! Details will come later, forgive me if I’m a bit of a tease.


Just a heads-up that I picked Asa as female, but the narration calls her ‘he’ fairly frequently.


Ah, thanks. The default variable is ‘he’, and I keep forgetting to add ${}. :c

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I really like this premise :eyes:


I like how this is going so far! The idea caught my eyes very quickly, so I’m quite eager to see future updates for this :slight_smile:

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Sounds interesting so far. I’ve actual got plans for a familar game myself although mine is planned to be preset to a female MC and although a familiar at the start of the game she used to be a witch and her current form is part of her sentence.

As a familiar she can boost her master’s power and cast some low tier spells but can briefly assume her witch form for a few minutes at a cost.

Good luck with this :slight_smile:


What you have so far is pretty interesting, I like that we have a separate human form.

There was a couple pronoun changes for a female Asa and I personally had a hard time understanding what was being said because of the written accent.

Definitely looking forward to more!!