Familiar - Prologue (wip) (update 3/10 - July 3rd)(On hiatus)

Man I really like this idea. It’s very interesting and I like that our character can be angry about the whole thing. I’ll be looking forward to being a snarky passive aggressive familiar who never really got over it. Or something close to that…


// Pronoun bugs have been fixed! Tell me if you find more //

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Oh, that will definitely be an option (:


Romance would be pretty uncomfortable if we didn’t.

Especially for Damselfly characters.


Well, this is an interesting one. It is probably weird to say, but this WIP really brings out the submissive and (unrealistically) romantic side in me. I can’t wait to play as an obedient and clingy familiar who’re hopelessly in love with their bounded human. :laughing: :sweat_smile:


Lol, I get you. Asa’s a bit of a softie despite their punkishness, but Henri definitely has a dom streak. So look foward for the Snow Leopard story.


Looking forward to this game^^, and the fact that it’s a prologue just adds to the intrigue. Always wanted to play the submissive familiar hihi.


For our human forms will we be able to hide our tail and ears to blend in better?

Now that you mention that is there a path where we are dominant over them.


Looks very interesting to play as a fish out of water in human society, I look forwards to blending in, exploring this setting, what kind of magics there will be and unleashing a storm of rage and hellfire on anyone who tries to steal the master away from by familiar (she’s a jealous girl).

Also it’s not often that we play as the sidekick of the story, though I guess this is more of a partnership.


Depends on your magi since they all have different tastes, but yes. Definitely.

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If you wish to, yes. But once you are bonded, you won’t have to hide your identity unless you really want to.

Short, but a lot of fun. Looking forward to the other familiar origins as well!

Kind of rare to find a game that lets you play or identify as a bug (dragonfly). I don’t know why but I’m kind of leaning towards the Indian cobra as my first playthrough… though the peacock seems interesting as well. I guess you could say I’m looking forward to the last 3 options.


I was already excited about the Snow Leopard route most and now Henri is a dom? My heart can’t take it


Ooo a Familiar game?

I do love me some magic based slavery :smiley:
This should be a laugh and a half, specially if there is an ability to be a Tsundere about everything. Like being pissed at first but being buds later, if this dosnt happen though that’s fine, do what you want.

I hope my character can wing man for their summoner, wingmanning is fun, especially if you have feelings for the person your wingmanning.

As you have probably noticed I like my characters to suffer a bit :slight_smile:

Hope you keep on this @Sel_Lee


You read my mind.

I’m also guilty of this lol


I really didn’t expect to like this. I’m not sure exactly why, but the non-human protagonist idea never really appealed to me. I like being near-human things (elves, humanoid aliens, so on) but actually starting out as an animal… I don’t know. It’s just not my thing.

This story though… I really liked the beginning. It was sweet. I felt very comfortable as a fox.

I wonder how different the story paths are going to be. If each of the origins have a different player character with a different master who will presumably have different personalities, strengths, weaknesses, so on it’s going to be an absolutely massive amount of work to finish.


You sound like a man after my own heart :heart:

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Oh god, don’t I know it… I just couldn’t resist, though.