Fallen Hero: Retribution release thread! (Book Two) (Spoilers Inside!)

it’s finally herald time folks. we rise


Hi there,

Does anyone know how long the IOS bug will take to fix? Really looking forward to purchasing and buying this game and having issues rn!


It won’t let me buy it , it keeps saying purchase failure.

Im 50 cents off from buying it. Out of spite to myself, Im walking to the store in -30 to get a prepaid. Thats how hyped I am for this


Can someone give me guide for Argent/Ortega poly route?
Do i need to make Argent like MC in the first game for that?


Well, first you have to fully start Argent romance by going to the auction as the mc and revealing yourself as the villain to her. Second, you have to have ortega_flirting_new by flirting with Ortega at some point in book 2 before chapter 21 then you should have this option when meeting her in chapter 21 (ortega_flirting_new) #“We should probably talk about that,” I look at Argent. Though the other options should work as long as you bring up the kiss


I hope this IOS bug gets fixed up soon! I’m pretty amped to play it! :sob:


That seems to be an issue with everyone on IOS, or at least a large number of people, including me. It’ll probably be fixed by tomorrow and almost certainly before the discount ends.

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I sure hope so! Ill be busy over the weekend, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to sit down and play it sometime tomorrow!

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I just heard about the iOS issues; I had a brief issue this morning when they were adjusting the price to the proper discounted price but I was able to purchase at 9 AM. I’m hearing others can’t but just wanted to share my experience. I used the app and it was updated to the most recent version if that’s relevant.

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Just checked, no save system implemented.

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Congratulations on the release!


Ok for those who can’t buy it because of the IOS bug I found a way around it. I bought Retribution on the hog website and then restored purchase.


Okay, gonna try this!

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It worked, Thank you!

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Ok, the iOS version is fixed. You can now buy it directly from Apple.

We’ll send the mailer in the morning.


Playing through it now. This is great and I don’t want it to end. Congratulations on a really engrosing game.


New Villain (Who’s Totally Not Sidestep) : *kicks the door in* I’m here for the corrupt treasurer, give me all your-- OMG the civilians are in danger from a bomb attack!

Steel : . . . wat.

New Villain : *jumps down into the burning kitchen while letting his target get away* Are you going to help me save these civvies or not?!

Steel : WAT

New “Villain” : Also, I knocked out some guards in the hallway. They may be endangered by the fire.

Steel Suspects That New Villain is Sidestep +30

I don’t think my Sidestep has this whole “villain” thing down very good yet.

Also a quick heads up, the extra info at the start of the game if you get the hair sample from Argent (argent_sample) is not triggering if you got the total “win” scenario (physically knocked her out in the sewer). This is because that code has been indented under the “else” (aka not(win)) code block.


I get this error whenever i choose the manipulation and growing fond of the doctor and masquerading as the puppet. Also the entire app turns into a blank slate when i click ok forcing me to reinstall it so it can operate again


Im not sure if this is the right place to ask this,
But could someone tell me the choices to get the sanctuary achievement, or atleast point me in the right direction?
I play a no-civilian death, anarchist, Ortega romance route
Im unsure of whether or not Ortega was suspicious of me or sympathetic? but im like 70% he was