Fallen Hero: Rebirth - Synchronize Stats/Playthru from Steam?

Finished Fallen Hero: Rebirth - bought through Steam - and had a great time. Really enjoyed it and looking forward to the next installment. At the end of the game it told me it would need to synchronize my save data with the CoG site in order to carry over my progress into the next one. It only prompted me for my e-mail, which I entered, and to my surprise when I checked on the website my statistic were here even though I’d never registered for an account.

The trouble is I then DID register for a CoG site account, and as soon as I did everything from my playthrough disappeared on here. If I go to the game page and look at the stats now, they’re for a game that hasn’t been started yet. Opening the game on Steam, since I never started a new playthrough, all my stats and achievements are still there.

Is there a way to re-synchronize the playthrough to my CoG account so I can carry it over next year for the new one? Or will I need to do a whole new playthrough and sync that one at the end?

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Hello and welcome to the forum! I’d advise you to contact Choice of Games directly by sending an email to support@choiceofgames.com as that will mean the issue definitely gets seen.

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