Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread! (Book One)

It’s all in patreon mostly, unless the author in question post news updates publicly/post it on tumblr

As for the differences in updates there’s none, just stuff added in like rat king interactions/talking, giving Argent our cape, more flavor texts, and generally more stuff to do that warrant another playthrough. Breach 1 is also getting a similar big update but you gotta wait till December unfortunately

Been replaying Rebirth again to get a certain build for Retribution. Anyone know if it’s possible to get both Spoils of War and Scarface in the same playthrough with Suit armour and Telepathic boosters?

i’ve tried multiple times but haven’t managed it yet.

I’ve searched through the old threads and couldn’t find any answers so was wondering if anyone here would know. If you do, have you got a guide? I’ve been following the ‘Do U Wanna Build a Sidestep’ doc but still can’t get it.

Doesn’t seem to be doable – for the facial scar you need to flee from the fight in the tunnels while Lady Argent is still conscious, which is something telepathy-boosted suit will prevent automatically regardless of choice, making her faint on mental fight path. With daring > 50 you can get in physical fight, but then would need either speed or strength upgrade --and be bleeding or injured-- to get on the flee path.

Ahhh yeah that makes so much sense now that you’ve pointed it out :joy:
Thanks for the reply! I switched up to a new build and got them both. Thanks!

Anyone able to explain what the different scars do? <3

A scar effectively turns something into Sidestep’s obsession, something they long for. Be it “normal life”, ability to feel connection to other people, feeling of having been betrayed/abandoned by one’s friends at crucial moment and wanting a revenge, etc and so on. The exact nature of the scar is determined by what part of their mentality Sidestep used as leverage during their confrontation with Heartbreak (you could say it’s a part of them that becomes “tainted”)

The possible types are:

  • friendless, unable to connect with other people
  • hungry, wants to have a good, normal life
  • puppetmaster, people are but dolls for one to control
  • outside, feels like they don’t “fit” or belong anywhere
  • revenge, fairly self-explanatory
  • suicidal, ditto

Little edit: the suicide scar is dropped in B2. I don’t remember which one replaces it or if B1 has been patched.

The “suicidal” scar can be replaced by any of the other scars, depending on your choices. Certain choices in Retribution’s first two chapters are programmed to change a “suicidal” scar to an appropriate alternative. (For instance, choosing Why can’t I remember how that felt? when reminiscing about your friendship with Ortega will give you the Friendless scar, splurging on a luxury apartment will give you the Hunger scar, and so on.)

If you get through the first two chapters without choosing a single one of those choices, it defaults to the Outsider scar as a fallback.


Though it should be probably mentioned that while it’s no longer treated as a scar, Sidestep can still be (or become) suicidal, it’s just covered by a dedicated variable.


Quick question. What is the scar when I got “One More Day” and “Taste the Metal” after the HB scene?

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One More Day is the suicide scar which was drop and made it’s own thing in Retribution and Taste the Metal you get for Step putting the gun in their mouth which there is a few ways to do


I read somewhere that suicide is no longer a scar… So what did they get instead?
I guess I could check it in the code, but I don’t know how to open it in the mobile version.

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You still getting the suicide scar and there’s flavour text for this as well at the beginning of Retribution. But if you get this scar in b1 some special options will appear so you can choose a new scar for your MC

Like at the conversation with Ortega in the beach, if you pick the “I saved your life. Why can’t I remember how that felt?” option then it change the scar to ‘friendless’. I like to use this guide to see what options activate the new scars


I get it now. Thanks!

Out of curiosity. Your MC is:

  • Black
  • Latine
  • Asian
  • Indigenous
  • Middle Eastern
  • White
  • Mixed
  • I have several MCs and they are different
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Is their ethnicity the same as yours?

  • Yes
  • Nope
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Sidestep looks like me, except he’s called Cyrus Becker because I liked the name, and the puppet is a stereotypical beautiful white man, with blue eyes and blonde hair. Sometimes he’s Ace, most of the time Eden.

I wonder if there is already special text in Rebirth (or if it will be added in) for naming the puppet Ace.

Maybe his name should be Ken xD

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I think it will probably be added in alongside the big update for reactions to the name Heartbreak, giving Argent your cape and some more bug fixes, like Herald being unable to save everyone even if you fail to explode the museum.

@maximo_caseres Is it known when the update is dropping?