Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread! (Book One)

In the future.

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Anyone know if it’s possible to have high telepathy stats without being ousted as a telapath?


It is, got couple sidesteps like that myself


Yes, and it pretty extensively so too…
Its entirely possible to end rebirth with both stats at 80 or above without being ousted as a villain telepath


Thank you.

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The only choice that reveals your villainsona as a Telepath and increases your stats is using the Telepathy upgrade to make the guards attack each other in a non lethal way. That gives a +20% to subtlety and is the best option if you don’t care about exposing yourself.

If you mean that neither persona is known as a Telepath, well, you’re sacrificing a bit more, since you’ll have to choose between +20% to subtlety or will, instead of both, and without entering Argent’s mind it takes away the option of getting I think a +10% to either subtlety or will with the right choices.

If you want a guide to all the other choices to increase your telepathic stats just ask, although I’ll admit I’ve never actually done a run with a “powerless” Sidestep.


That is the highest ive been able to raise my telepathy stats. Done multiple runs last night and for the life of me i can’t get both force and manipulation to 80.

If you have a guide, I’d really appreciate it.

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Alright, I’ll give you a list in order of how to increase your stats. I recommended being ruthless and taking the telepathy upgrade at least.

At the very beginning

“My will is stronger” +10 will


“I am cleverer” +10 subtlety

“I try my best argent impersonation” +2 subtlety

For retrieving the box later, go as yourself and approach the crowd. It will cause a +10 to steel clue as well as big increases to daring and arrogance, but it’s necessary.

“I encourage him to remember this slight” +5 subtlety, sets Joshua as Anti-rangers and reduced rangers rep by 5. My favourite to do here.


“I push him to escalate this” AND “This is getting risky. Let it play out” +5 will and gets Joshua fired. The others will get him promoted and either hurt or improve rangers rep as well.

Next up is the first heartbreak flashback

“No, I can handle it” +10% will and a bit more arrogance


“No, I’m curious about it” +10% subtlety and a bit more arrogance

Talking about your telepathy with Ortega is a big one, if you admit to having it, it’s a +20% to both subtlety and will after entering the Rangers’ headquarters, and a lot of arrogance. If you say you don’t have it, you have to choose

“Keep my shields strong” +20% will


“Keep my powers dormant” +20% subtlety

Additionally, entering Argent’s mind gives opportunities for stat increases as well, so I recommend just saying that truth.

Anyways, next is the big heartbreak flashback, and oh boy this is the biggest stat increase opportunity.

If you just want big numbers, go with

“No, I’m smarter than this” +10% subtlety AND “I can’t do this, I feint” +10% will and then either

“Stop this. This is not me.” +20% will


“I need to hide. Don’t make me remember” +20% subtlety


“I need to wake up” both +10% will and +10% subtlety.

But you can only take revenge, hunger or outsider scars with this.

Both the puppetmaster and friendless scars can only give you +10% subtlety and +10% subtlety if you want them, while suicidal can be obtained with either +10% subtlety and +10% subtlety or +10% will and +10% will. If you’re wondering about the last one, you need to choose to “I won’t let it in” and “I keep moving to handle this” and immediately give up and put the gun to your head.

Anyways, we’re almost at the end now.

If you did admit to having telepathy in order to enter Argent’s mind, there are some opportunities for stat increases.

“I keep a light touch, gently altering her mind” +10% subtlety, go wild.

“I cut deep” AND “no distractions, straight to my goal” +10% will.

Finally, if you took the Telepathy upgrade, fighting Herald

“Last time, I didn’t have telepathic powers this strong” +20% subtlety and herald humiliated.

Finally, after the battle, you should look for Ortega at the hospital, and this is where Ruthlessness matters.

Depending on wether or not your puppet sleeps with Mortum, after you go back to your own body if you have over 60 ruthlessness you get

+20% to subtlety if you sleep with Mortum

+20% to will in any other scenario.

Unfortunately, it gives a +10 to steel clue as well.


You’ve literally given me Christmas. Been wanting a perfect playthrough in rebirth since retribution released, and now i can do that thanks to you.

Seriously, thank you :pray:


Good luck, if you’re worried about steel clue getting too high, if you have over 80 subtlety you can completely delete his suspicions of you if you keep a good relationship with him and he considers you more of an enigma or not really a villain, you can hang out with him and delete all of his suspicions. My main Sidestep does that after raising both doubt and clue as an anarchist.

Also please show me how your build ends up.


Gotcha. And thanks again.


I use CoG and HG as a power fantasy so all of my characters are named Konstantin and also my family name if this is changeable and I not playing some royal character.


So I think I read somewhere at some point that there would be an update(?) on the Rebirth. Idk if that still holds, but i wondered if anyone knows whether it might include the chance to go to the museum gala as friends with Mortum.

Is that possible to even include? I (think) I read somewhere that adding variable new this and variable that might mess saves up, but that’s all a big question mark for me so I am asking in case someone knows better than me


I think there will be Rebirth update; checkpoints, various small things, bugs fixing etc.

But I don’t know if this option will be available, sorry.