Fallen Hero poll (for further planning)


I honestly just wanted to say “YAAAASSSS!!!” because that was my initial response. Yes, you have my mind all read out. My first playthrough (the one with the most emotions) ended up being so long because I’d literally stop reading, do some irl stuff, then read again when I’m more mentally sound. I felt some sort of connection witjh the MC tbh. In my mind though, I’d like to end the story with my MC’s death because I cannot bear that I’ve hurt people then I’d continue living. I’d rather hurt people then die afterwards. Hurting more people in the process, but you know, MC is dead and she won’t feel it anymore.

I love this so much I cannot.


Glad you liked my post! I think Malin has done a great job of connecting to and giving visibility to readers who can identify, sometimes, intimately, with the negative emotions explored in this game.

I do wonder how things could go for the MC. A sacrificial and redeeming death could be most thematically appropiate, but sometimes it’s more difficult to live and to face up to all the consequences of one’s actions. Kind of like how Dragon Age 2 had the option to kill or spare Anders after he blew the in universe church headquarters. in which case death is a mercy in many ways.


My MC romanced Ortega . I choose the Vilain look : Mysterious .

The power set , was Speed/strenght. My MC motivation was ‘It all seems inevitable’ .

I see the futur for my MC as : Convince the heroes to switch sides .

for a mysterious armor , the only one that I could think of (from the game : The Fall *Highly recommanded) , is Arid armor .

I’ve played the game over and over , seein all the different choices and dialogues . And I know you can romance the doctor . I also did the romance to see how it was like . But…it’s just feel wrong…it’s not our body lol so for me , My MC gonna stick to her own body with Ortega .


Hi, @malinryden I hope you’re still accepting humongous essays about our MCs and their motivations and who am I kidding, writers love reading essays about what their writing made people feel, lol and our plans for their possible endings. :smiley:

Under a cut because I'm not kidding when I say essay.

So, basics:

  • E N T R O P Y
  • Natalia ‘Natalie’ [Surname not settled]
    • I actually wanted to mention the fact that the MC in the game shares a lot, a lot, so many similarities to an OC I have, also from a superhero setting (great minds, right? :D) so I figured they should share a name however my OC’s surname is made up and distinctive, so I’m tossing around a few possibilities to differentiate them
    • both seem to be the result of human testing
    • they both seem to have been forced to cultivate their telepathy at the expense of a normal life
    • both feel isolated by their telepathy and upbringing despite the fantastic efforts of their super hot super hero crush of their one and only friend
    • both become supervillains because they feel it is their inevitable path
      • as a result of all these similarities, I found it incredibly easy to get into the MC’s mindset, but it also runs the risk of bleeding my own ideas onto yours, so please keep this in mind when I discuss things in more detail! I don’t want you vision to be tampered by my brainchildren
  • Mysterious suit, emphasis on telepathy and speed
    • “What’s the use of having telepathy if you’re not going to use it?”
    • I always favor speed over strength, and flying just had too many variables for me my MC to be comfortable with
  • Feels villainy is inevitable
  • I don’t see many people mentioning this, but she chose to give up her friendships/relationships during the Heartbreak Incident
    • She never had them growing up, so she thought she’d be fine without them
      • hoooooooo bitch
  • It’s complicated with Ortega (and also Doctor Good-n-Sexy)

My preferred goals for this character (in no particular order):

  • Redemption is always nice
    • not necessary, but nice
  • Corrupt some heroes
    • also not necessary, but nice
  • Just…destroy the heroes
    • always fun
  • Bring the government (or lack thereof in LD) to its knees
  • Become the Shadow Broker evil Batman the person you go to because they know everything
  • Leave her past behind
    • “Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to.”

  • Kill her
    • sweet, delicious catharsis
  • Live a good life
    • and not necessarily the white picket fence, a dog, and 2.5 kids kind of good life, but the kind where she technically lives in the Canadian wilderness, away from anyone and anything, but it’s a life of her choosing, damn it, and that is good
and now, onward to the delicious, <b><i>delicious</i></b> pathos

So, Natalie’s whole deal is heavily predicated on having sacrificed her friendships/emotional connection/empathy(?) in order to survive the HI.
Without Ortega and company as her Morality Chain (warning: TV Tropes), she slips back into seeing humans, people, and relationships as useful tools, exploitable, and transactions (respectively) as she was raised to do? the X-23 feels are strong with this one. In addition, the out-of-body-telepathic-empathic-vision-of-near-death-no-wait-it-was-actual-death fiasco left her feeling…

Remember Star Trek, the Menagerie Plato’s the Cave?
Well, if I was reading things correctly, the MC may have:

  1. actually have been raised chained up facing a wall most her life
  2. have gone through a reverse Cave experience

Suddenly, things seem more ephemeral, less real. The humans around her, constantly buzzing with thoughts, are more like soft whispers (if anything), hardly rousing her attention for the most part. She’s walking through a fog, the shadows of people passing her by, but now she wonders if the shadows are real or if it’s just her perception playing tricks on her.

However, things are clear-skied in Eden, her puppet. I don’t think Natalie would have lasted very long in her state of mind if she never had Eden as a respite—she is as much an escape as a tool. . As Eden, people seem to matter, colors exist, everything feels more solid and real.

Everyone except Ortega. That lovely sonuvabitch just seemingly burst back into Natalie’s life in full color like he was always there (that mustache wasn’t tho, “Ortega, what the fuck, did you survive the Heartbreak Incident by sacrificing your sense of style?”). She always had a bit of a crush on him but never said anything. It just…didn’t seem practical (is what she tells herself), besides it’s not like he ever made a move beyond all that heavy-handed flirting and taking her to meet his mother Natalie, you emotional dumbass the fuck is wrong with you ANYWAY.

She flirts with him, as both Natalie and Ortega. She flirts with him as Natalie because it’s as natural as breathing and she feels like she hasn’t breathed in a long, long time, and she flirts with him as Eden as a way of assessing him…initially.
Eventually it becomes…not quite a game, but it is entertaining interesting, playing someone else and seeing his responses.
That, and it seems like Natalie is the kind of person who likes to twist the knife in both herself and others.

Certainly her relationship(s) with Ortega are less straight-forward than her relationship with Dr. Good-n-Sexy Mortum, which is exactly the definition of a transactional relationship if I’ve ever seen one.

Finally, she minimizes civilian deaths at her debut not necessarily out of mercy, but more because it’s unnecessary. She, of all people, knows that trauma hurts worse than death, because it continues on, and there’s nothing more traumatic than realizing that you’re on your own, that your parents heroes aren’t capable of protecting you the way you imagined. Even if no one died, they still didn’t succeed. That foundation of trust and faith is shaken. But most importantly, she can’t have the populace worrying about deaths, when they should be worrying about their lives. If too many had died, then people would be united in their hate, but with so many survivors, the people will be disorganized by their paranoia and fear. She doesn’t need to civilians coming together to help the heroes, she needs them to distrust the heroes and question them.

Well…because she’s the villain, and she’s a damn good one at that.

But why is she a villain, what’s her real motivation and how does this carry her into the some of the various endings I’ve chosen?

Well, as I said, I imagine that for her, villainy seems inevitable, like she couldn’t have stopped her descent from happening. Losing her morality chains…it’s like she’s fulfilling her destiny—rather, like she’s fulfilling her purpose.
Unfortunately for everyone, she’s really, really good at it.

This plays into the various endings I can imagine for her.

If her connection to Ortega as Natalie isn’t severed or destroyed in some way, I can genuinely see her pulling another heel-turn because she has a weakness for Riker beards, there I said it she wants so badly to live a life, and I feel like, even after everything, Ortega would try to help in some way.
As it stands, I also see her rejecting him one last time—or alternatively, I can see him rejecting her, because even he has standards “The mustache doesn’t count as a lapse in morality, damn it.”, in which case…I could see her running off again, living in the wilderness, living for herself, because she wants to.
I also see her fulfilling her role as a villain and becoming the Shadow Broker, perhaps turning a cape or two.
And at this stage, I can see her just straight up killing everyone. Despite her affection for Ortega, there’s a fundamental disconnect in how she feels and how she acts with him, one of her own creation, that I imagine can only grow wider as the series progresses.
And, finally, I can see her just taking everyone out with her. She’s definitely unstable enough to just take down the West Coast with her, ngl.

Regardless, I want you to know that I adored the game, and that I’m slowly but surely chipping away to catch up onto the regular topic because I need, need to discuss Mama Ortega and the potential redemptive power of her homemade tamales.


I adore this essay so much!!! :slight_smile:


i’m just glad it was legible, lol

considering it’s midnight, I wouldn’t be surprise if I was contradictory or nonsensical in some parts, so if you need clarification, please just ask and I’ll try to…jumble my thoughts into something coherent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello, yes. I am all about writing out self indulgent character motivations in essay form if I can

thanks impeccably-stressed you gave me courage to do this

I’m playing my main MC, Hazel, as the most reluctant of reluctant villains. Her goal is not to hurt people, but rather to expose the truth of what’s going on behind the curtain. Which is why she uses the most practical suit and doesn’t pick her villain name. They end up calling her Mercenary which is fine, this isn’t a show for her, this is something that has to happen to reach her goal. In a weird way, there’s a lot of convincing herself that she’s still a good guy, that she’s doing something noble, even if she knows deep down that what she’s doing is very very wrong. It’s for this reason that she clings so damn hard to Ortega because around him she can still pretend to be the good guy. She had a thing with him in the past and can’t stop herself from wanting that again (10/10 for the elevator scene and the “this isn’t who i am anymore” line right before the kiss).That being said, she kind of keeps accidentally lashing out at him (not physically, but verbally because she can’t understand why anyone would want someone so… broken.) or breaking down in tears after almost telling him everything that she’s doing.

Even with her puppet, Jolene, who she doesn’t mind using to flirt with people, she can’t bring herself to flirt with Ortega when she’s her. Because she knows if she did, Jolene would win. Because Jolene, in her eyes, is perfect (i.e. why she named her after the Dolly Parton song). Hazel kind of idolizes/envy’s/lusts after Jolene. It’s all very confusing because she knows Jolene is just her, and she knows it’s not healthy, but she can’t stop herself from doing it.

She doesn’t really want to be a villain either. But since the good guy things failed so spectacularly, she figures: why not? She doesn’t care about property damage or being seen as a bad guy or dying (at the beginning at least). She just wants to reach her goal. And hopefully, force a change once the truth is revealed. That being said, she’s really reluctant to hurt anyone. In fact, the last thing she ever wants to do is to make people hurt like she’s been hurt. She may see herself as irreparably broken, but that doesn’t mean others should suffer too. So, there’s a lot of guilt tied up in how she’s going about the whole thing, even when all she did was rob the gala, she knows she left people traumatized and that guilt eats at her.

But eventually, that changes. And, surprisingly, Robbing the gala is a big part of what spurs that change. Even though the guilt from doing it really really gnaws at her (she ends up anonymously donating to a charity in hopes that it’ll help ease her guilt. It doesn’t). The things is, she’s got money now, so she can’t maintain the same excuses she did before for not treating herself better (back when she was skimming, it was easier to justify all the self imposed punishment because she didn’t have the money to eat well or take care of herself. She had a puppet maintain and a plan to fund.)

The second thing that happened from the gala robbery, was she got physical proof that no matter how hard she tries to restrain herself, she’s hurting people, and it came in the form of a battered Ortega at the hospital. She has a minor crisis where she debates just, like faking her death a second time, but eventually comes to the conclusion that people are going to get hurt no matter what and while she can minimize it, she can’t stop it from happening. Like I said she doesn’t want to hurt innocents, but her thought process is basically (to quote Tangled: the series) “So. I’m the bad guy, that’s fine! It’s no fault of mine.” Besides, she’s not going to give up her villain persona or anything. She worked too hard, and she still very desperately needs to reach her goals (which, like I said, she’s tried to convince herself they’re noble despite people getting hurt). She ends up really working towards avoiding direct conflicts if she can and she does start to treat herself a little better as time goes on. She doesn’t stop hating herself, but… She goes to therapy, she makes friends (as both Jolene and herself), and she even allows herself to feel things for Ortega (even if she knows the relationship is probably doomed from all her lies), because subconsciously she does want to get better.

That being said, the second she get’s a chance to confront the farm, she’s going to go absolutely crazy.

I always imagine this scenario where she’s already been unmasked and she and the Rangers Gang all go to confront the farm. By this point, she’s convinced herself that she’s going to be restrained in confronting them. She’s managed to successfully do it so far, and now she’s got things at stake. Things she cares about. She’s getting better, she’s maybe got the beginnings of a healthy relationship going, and she’s proven to the rangers that she can sort of be trusted.

She’s doing good so far, she’s made it inside undetected and has managed to walk through the same halls as before without cowering. And then she runs into her first person inside the farm complex. It’s a scientist. More specifically, It’s a scientist she recognizes from her nightmares.

Hazel. loses. her. shit.

Up until now, Hazel’s been as close to a pacifist as she can manage, but seeing that scientist causes her to break. She attacks him without hesitation and she attacks so viciously, and with so much anger, that no one really sees it coming. Someone from the Rangers has to pry her off of them, but it’s too late. They’re dead.

Anyway, that’s Hazel! Also, I know I’ve already posted a picture of her and her puppet, but here’s them!


Honestly I see my character less a villian and more like an anti hero who just do bad things for a good cause. Mayby I am playing the wrong game for it but I see him more like a typical white knight syndrom Shadowrunner aka a character in a dystopian setting who need to break the system again for letting the world spin into a better direction. I romanced Ortega with my MC because he wanted to get closer by her so she can heal the wounds that happened to him and romanced Dr. Mortum with John because he feelt like that he can be what Ortega can be for his mainself. When robbing the Gala I made sure that nobody got killed.