Fallen Hero open character question thread

So, I am having a weird little moment of christmas related anxiety and general tiredness in which I can’t really focus on proper writing or anything productive, but still has Fallen Hero stuck in my head so I had an idea.

Feel free to ask any questions to any of the characters from Fallen Hero, and they will answer them (or refuse to answer them) in person. Who knows, maybe I will find some new fun character developments there as well.


To Steele: Seriously what is your problem with Sidestep?


Steel: Sidesteps wears a mask. They refuse to register. If the people I am fighting with cannot trust me with their identity, I will not trust them, period. Not to mention the fact that they are a telepath, not that I am prejudiced, but knowing that there is nothing (apart from dampeners) that stops them from reading any thought that I have is… unsettling.

In short, they know everything about me and I know nothing of them.

Ortega trusts far too easily.


To Steele: Does that mean you wanted your lecherous thoughts to yourself?


Steel: What do you mean, I don’t… [heavy sigh] It’s not about that. Some people actually DO focus on work when they are at work. Unlike some.


To Ortega: How big of a problem is accidental discharge (the electrical kind)? Can you control it, or are you restricted to sponge baths?


To Steele: Good to know you take the job that seriously. So… If you somehow lost your position and could no longer be on any hero team, what would you do? Would you become a vigilante or just try to settle into everyday civilian life?

(Sorry, just little interaction and info on Steele, so I wanted a better handle on his personality.)

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Ortega: First of all, that would be gross. Do you have any idea how much of a mess you tend to be after one of our missions? Dust and debris is one thing, but there are people with… let’s just say powers that are less than pleasant. And no, I can see where your mind goes, let’s keep this above the belt, eh?

But you’re right. It can be a problem. Normally it’s not, but I’ve ruined more than one piece of sensitive equipment sadly. I tend to be a bit old fashioned when it comes to tech, just because of that. Showering is not that much of a problem, I can easily ground myself beforehand. Or, if I really, really need to, I can shut down the discharge system, though I only do that in emergencies. It’s not… pleasant.

Besides, most people don’t know, but I can also absorb electricity, so I don’t have to worry about shocking myself. Just other people and un-insulated equipment.


To Ortega: why are you so bloody meddlesome? Why can’t you get a hint? Leave. Me. Alone.

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Steel: Civilian life, heh, that would be something… I suppose I might… but no. Probably not. I would most likely go back to the military, or perhaps sign on with one of the private companies for training and consultation.

I would not become a vigilante. Nor a criminal.


Ortega: Hey! Now, not that I know who this is, but if it is who I think it is you should know that I am really bad at taking hints. And really good at worrying about people I care about.

Besides, if you really wanted me to leave you alone you could just have said so.

I mean, I suppose you did, but I could tell that you didn’t really mean it.


Damn it. That actually made me laugh. God I hate her…Maybe.


Lady Argent: How does a strong independent women like you come to have feelings of affection for a show pony like Herald?

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To Ortega: I heard a rumor that you’re in love. If that were true, is the lucky person someone you’ve known for a long time?


To Herald: Say you get your butt handed to you brutally by a new villain and that new villain happens to be a new villain because of the people you work for wronged them… What would you do after finally defeating the new villain, would you…
A. Turn the new villain over.
B. Let them go.
C. Join them.
D. Kill them.


Lady Argent: Who says I do? Don’t believe everything you read in the paper. They keep wanting to pair people up, and as we are the two most attractive your people on the team, of course they assume that we are together.

Granted, Herald assumes that as well, but he has issues.


Ortega: What… where did you hear that? Argent? If so, don’t trust it, she lives to torment me. Won’t let me live anything down, just because I was drunk and said a little much doesn’t mean that it actually is true, and even if it was, there’s no way I could ever really act on it and…

It’s complicated. Let’s settle for that.


To Ortega: Honest opinion time. What do you think of your teammates?

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Herald: That’s… a weirdly specific question, but I’ll bite. If this hypothetical new villain was a villain for good reasons, they are still a villain, right? And that means that I have to turn them in, that’s sort of what I do if you catch my drift? Wouldn’t look good if I let people go just because I thought they’d have a point.

I mean if it was a good point, I might consider looking the other way, but I’m supposed to set an example here, right? As a hero? Because I am one. [nods forcefully]. So choice A.


Ortega: Hey, that’s not fair! We are all valuable members of the Rangers, and I don’t know what you’ve heard, but I do not compare the current team to our old one. Much.

I mean what am I supposed to say? Steel is Steel. I know he comes across as a bit of an ass, but we’ve been doing this since the start, and if it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would have lasted a year. He taught me a lot. I will admit that he could work a little on his diplomacy skills, but he gets the job done. I just never understood why he disliked Sidestep…

Lady Argent… Angie is a good friend. The best. Well, not entirely, but there we get into the whole complicated business again, so let’s avoid that. She’s smart, reliable, and takes no shit. Not to mention the fact that I don’t have to worry about her getting hurt, the things I have seen her walk away from are impressive. Still, I wish she would work a little better in a team, she’s too much of a loner, but that will come with time.

Herald is… I wish I could believe he is as sincere as he sounds, you know? He really wants this. Really wants to be a hero. But if it is just for the cameras, or if he really is an idealist I don’t know. I suppose it doesn’t matter as long as he does good. Right now he is too focused on just looking good though, he needs to learn how to work with people better. Having a flyer on the team is a huge advantage, and we’re not making the most of that advantage.